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Tarot Readings For Each Star Sign

With a new month starting in only two days, now is a great time to have some fun and look deeper into what November may bring. Today, I am going to pick out a card for each star sign and give a little description as to what it could mean for you.

Aries - Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles shows a man balancing two pentacles in his hands. For you, Aries, are you really handling everything in your life the way you want to? Maybe take this upcoming November to cultivate a better work-life balance.

Taurus - Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups can symbolise abandonment, but not that someone is abandoning you Taurus, you are abandoning something that you know just isn't working out for you. Take the leap and trust yourself. You'll be thankful in the long run.

Gemini - The Sun

Have you been feeling overly optimistic lately Gemini? If so, great! Optimism is a fab emotion, no matter if it is just a little bit, or even a lot. Just make sure not to put your hopes into the wrong thing...

Cancer - Six of Pentacles

Someone in your life is taking more than giving. They may not realise it, or maybe they do, but know this, never let anyone take advantage of your kind spirit. Let them know you want more out of the relationship and if they are worth it, they'll be willing to change.

Leo - Seven of Wands

Don't give up Leo. Sometimes it can seem as if life is an endless battle, but know, your day will come. Keep fighting for what you want and have faith that everything is going to work out.

Virgo - Nine of Cups

'It's never quite enough'. This is a sentence that you having been saying quite a lot lately, Virgo. Don't be so hard on yourself, work as hard as you can, but let yourself appreciate everything you have already done.

Libra - Ace of Swords

A mental breakthrough has finally awoken within you Libra! A start on a new idea or situation is going to get you excited and ready for the upcoming month. Keep those sharp thoughts handy for your fresh journey.

Scorpio - Ace of Wands

Inspiration has become you Scorpio. All of a sudden in a world that seems dark and bleak, you have become encouraged and exhilarated by a new idea that you are ready to put into action. Go for it!

Sagittarius - The Magician

Manifestation is the key symbol of The Magician. You have figured out what you want and are now ready to show the world that you truly mean it. Manifest those desires Sagittarius and you will receive what your heart has been longing for.

Capricorn - Ace of Pentacles

From one Capricorn to another, we know how important our work is to us. Thankfully, the Ace of Pantacles is bringing us an exciting new career opportunity! November sees us working hard to get where we want to be.

Aquarius - The Hanged Man

Pause. Take a moment to see a tough situation in a different way. Sometimes you can be a little bit action before thinking Aquarius. So, take a step back, breathe and have a mental rest before you go full steam ahead.

Pisces - The Moon

The Moon card can show a time of uncertainty. You may not feel ready to make any tough decisions at the moment Pisces. Gather as much information as you can and wait until the time is right to start making those important calls.

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