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The Best Ensemble TV Casts

It is safe to say that I have been watching a lot of TV over the last couple of months, and one thing that really stands out in a great show, is a cast that works well, both as individuals and as a group.

Stranger Things

There hasn't been a new season of Stranger Things since last year, but come on, who doesn't love re-watching great shows? As most of the main cast are children, you'd think that there might be some challenges when it comes to the actual show, but everyone that I know who has seen it (from 10 years old to 50) has absolutely loved it! The group work amazingly well together, including the adults, with Winona Ryder's acting at its finest.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

As comedy shows go, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the best. It has hilarious storylines yet is still heart-warming, but what makes it truly one of the best is its amazing cast. Each of the actors on the show are incredible in every episode and portray their characters in a relatable yet funny way. Watching them, you'd really think that they were all best friends on and off screen.

Modern Family

I think this is a pretty obvious one to anybody who has seen the show. As it has now come to an end, there has been no greater time to re-watch the entire thing! Every single person on the show is perfect for their role. Another awesome aspect about it is that in different episodes, different characters spend time together, and there is not one pairing that doesn't make you laugh.


Let's be honest, the two main stars of this show are Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch. When you think of a cast, you imagine a group of people, however, these two are so brilliant that they are all you need. It is the perfect example of a dynamic relationship, as even though it is just the two of them, you can see the ups and downs of their time together.


Did you really think that one of the most iconic casts of all time wasn't going to be on this list? Each actor is so perfect for their character that it's hard to believe that Courtney Cox might have played Rachel, or that Matthew Perry might not have been cast as Chandler. Everyone works so well together that there would be nothing to change. Just hurry up with that reunion already!

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