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The Best Summer Movies

As I have been saying quite often at the moment (it's not like I'm bitter about it or anything), going on holiday this summer is highly unlikely for most of us. So how I have been coping, is by watching all of my favourite summer movies. Here are the best:


This may not seem like a summer movie to some, but for me, this is what summer is all about. At the start of the movie, we see Danny and Sandy embark on their summer of love and by the end, all of the kids from Rydell High start their summer holiday. This movie is great all year round (I mean musicals are by far the superior films!) but there is something magical about watching this classic in the summer.

The Parent Trap

Yes, this may be a kid's movie, however people at any age can still enjoy it. The film revolves around two girls who are twins, but don't know that the other exists. What makes it great for this time of year, is that the girls finally meet each other at summer camp. Even though I was never the type to go to any sort of camp for the summer (even as a child I was more into glamping) it still reminds us of the fun we had in the summer when we were young.

Mamma Mia

Honestly, I put this movie on most lists because it is a must watch for any occasion! For summer though, it is surely the best. Set on a Greek island, where everyone is constantly singing and the sun always shines. Both movies, 1 and 2, are perfect to watch and by now I'm sure everyone knows the plot so I won't go into it, but be prepared for lots of musical fun in the sun.

Dirty Dancing

Come to think of it, this film is kind of like The Parent Trap, A girl goes to a summer resort with her family and ends up having a holiday she'll never forget. Although this isn't a movie that the younger generation would have necessarily seen, it is still a great one to watch. With one of the most iconic dance scenes to an amazing song, this is always going to be a summer must.


To end this list off, lets throw in there a movie to stop people from ever getting in the sea again! This is definitely a summer movie, although not the usual kind. I have to admit though, nowadays, it's not as scary as it might have been in the 70s. I remember watching it for the first time when I was 10 and honestly knew even then that no shark looks that fake! However, still a classic to enjoy.

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