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The Day Of The Month You Were Born On Personality Traits

Numerology can be so much fun, especially since we are born with so many numbers in our birth charts! This week we will be exploring what the day of the month you were born on says about you. There are quite a few numbers to get through, so let's get started.

Born on the 1st

People born on the 1st are funny, smart and often temperamental. They are people who like to spend money and love to shop! Luckily, with their intellect, they will always have enough money for their spending habits. They are the types to attract enemies along the way, but also have many good friends who love their natural charisma. People born on the 1st are good at concentrating on their friends and ignoring the haters.

Born on the 2nd

People born on the 2nd are gentle, sensitive and emotional. They are very wary when trusting people and hate to fight. They do not enjoy subjects like maths, but have a great intellect and a clear vision of where they want to be in their lives. When they do what they enjoy, they are very successful. People born on the 2nd are imaginative and love spending time with others.

Born on the 3rd

People born on the 3rd are ambitious and hard-working. They are much better suited working in positions of authority. They are responsible and very trustworthy. People born on the 3rd are also generous, kind and easy-going, although they can sometimes become restless. The planet associated with the number 3 is Jupiter and the colours associated with it are red, purple and pink.

Born on the 4th

People born on the 4th are conscientious and compassionate. They are also responsible and very ethical. They aren't the types to hand over their duties to somebody else. Other people are drawn to them, but people born on the 4th can often come across abrupt or mean. They want to be loved and accepted and are honest with their opinions. People born on the 4th will find many changes in their lives.

Born on the 5th

People born on the 5th are very spiritual. They show great respect to everyone and are creative and versatile. They need to be challenged, so one of the best careers for them is teaching. They are the types to prefer living in the city, but sometimes attract the wrong kinds of people in their lives. They are very popular so will have many friends. People born on the 5th have an optimistic nature!

Born on the 6th

People born on the 6th love enjoying life! They are the types to live in the moment. People born on the 6th are responsible and will make time to sort out their finances. However, they can often be stubborn and crave attention. They are very popular and are likely to marry young. They are artistic and spiritual people who want to understand the deeper meanings of life.

Born on the 7th

People born on the 7th are special people. They are great feelers and sense other people's emotions. However, they often become cynical and cold-hearted. They sometimes feel misunderstood and can push important people away. They are cautious when helping people and love to live a spiritual life. People born on the 7th are magical and mystical.

Born on the 8th

People born on the 8th are always searching for the meaning of life. They have good judgement and are known for their intellect. They are attractive and love to be spiritual. Relationships in their lives often don't last long. They do well in jobs such as finance or teaching. They are always willing to accept challenges that come their way. People born on the 8th are mature for their age.

Born on the 9th

People born on the 9th are independent and resourceful. They are very unique, but sometimes give too much of themselves to help others. Their lucky colours and red and pink! The number 9 is associated with travelling, so they will probably take many journeys in their life. They are likely to have left home at an early age and have many talents.

Born on the 10th

People born on the 10th are wonderful friends. They are proud of their lives and are great companions. They attract success and are lucky people. They like to be in charge and don't like to be told what to do. They much prefer to do things their own way. People born on the 10th have many attractive features and are very persuasive. They do well in jobs that are people based.

Born on the 11th

People born on the 11th are likely to have psychic abilities. They like to be both leader and follower. They are very good at understanding what is going on inside someone's mind and are great at healing others. They are also wonderful entertainers and their lucky days are Thursday and Sunday. They are likely to be interested in astrology and know what they want in life.

Born on the 12th

People born on the 12th are artistic and talented. They are likely to succeed in creative careers, such as acting or writing. They aren't the types to be close to their parents. People born on the 12th are popular because they are sensitive to other people's emotions. They are lucky in love and enjoy their freedom. As they are so loyal, they will have many friends.

Born on the 13th

People born on the 13th love to have fun! Even though they were born on the 13th, they are not unlucky and love to party. They are likely to have had problems at school and get along much better with people similar to them. They love their life and prefer being in relationships. They need to do a job they enjoy and love to travel. They are best suited to creative jobs.

Born on the 14th

People born on the 14th are modest and practical. They can often be impulsive and unpredictable. They love material possessions and think that earning money is just as important as having a good time with friends and family. People born on the 14th can sometimes seem odd, but all they want is their freedom. They work hard to make the money that will make them happy.

Born on the 15th

People born on the 15th are artistic and creative, but they also have a good business mind. They are great with languages and love spending time with people. Those born on the 15th are intelligent leaders and are very good when in a relationship. They are good looking and have no problem finding a partner. They also want their partner to be just as spiritual as they are.

Born on the 16th

People born on the 16th are natural teachers. They always want to find out the meaning of life and are ambitious leaders. They are great writers and artists. People born on the 16th are highly intelligent and intellectual. They love research and writing about their findings. They are spiritual and love delving into the unknown. However, sometimes they can come across as if they don't care about anything because they are so easy-going.

Born on the 17th

People born on the 17th are very ambitious and are overachievers. They are lucky people and want to be remembered. They like to help others and are hard workers who won't stop until they accomplish their goals. They find it difficult sharing their feelings and have a strong will. They are disciplined and courageous. People born on the 17th are the responsible ones in the family and always look out for the people they love.

Born on the 18th

People born on the 18th are talented in the areas of politics and art. They love to travel and relate to many different people. They are the types of people who will figure out their career path later in life and truly blossom when they are helping people. They can sometimes cause conflict and are either completely tuned in, or oblivious to what is going on. There is no in-between!

Born on the 19th

Those born on the 19th are powerful people. They look at all areas of their life and figure things out step by step. They can sometimes come across as if they don't care and also egotistical. They are the types to need to be healed every once in a while as they figure out their financial situation. They have the willpower and determination to go after what they want. They are associated with the Leo zodiac sign, as they are generous and love to be extravagant!

Born on the 20th

People born on the 20th are diplomatic and independent. They can sometimes be selfish, but stop this right away as it normally leads to them only hurting themselves. They have a warmth to them and love the sunshine. People born on the 20th have a feminine energy and dedicate their lives to the people they love.

Born on the 21st

People born on the 21st are very social and receive lots of love in their lives. They are full of lots of energy and enthusiasm. They are the types to be brilliant parents and are giving and kind, although they do love material possessions a little bit too much. Life gets hard for them when they work too much as they must find a good balance. They are very giving people.

Born on the 22nd

People born on the 22nd are lucky people and have great common sense. They make very good leaders and have great strength and intuition. They pay great attention to detail and are very organised. They are associated with the moon, which gives them a feminine energy, although sometimes they find it difficult to trust others. They are people who excel at work and in their studies.

Born on the 23rd

People born on the 23rd are knowledgeable and creative. They like to use their imagination and can be quite controlling. They need to be loved and are very popular, although they do have a few enemies. They get along with pretty much everyone and are able to talk their way out of any situation. They love to chat and would make great salespeople!

Born on the 24th

People born on the 24th are very influential. They are associated with the moon, which means that they can be moody, but are very kind. They love to be in love and are likely to be fortunate when it comes to their finances. They are at their happiest when they are helping others with their careers and can talk their way out of anything! They are the types to not get discouraged when they fail.

Born on the 25th

People born on the 25th love to learn and are sensitive and emotional. They may have some difficulties because of how sensitive they are and tend to spend the day fantasising. They are quite reserved and like to be around people who are just as hardworking as they are. They are easily pleased, but crave small adventures every now and then.

Born on the 26th

People born on the 26th have great business minds and are wonderful with money. They are organised and diplomatic. People born on the 26th may sometimes come across showy or stuck up, but in reality they find it hard to show their emotions to others. They are always willing to help people and like to be involved in charities. People born on the 26th must learn to take a break from working.

Born on the 27th

People born on the 27th are strong-willed and have lots of energy. They are sensitive people, but don't like to show that side of themselves. They feel that helping others is a reward and need a partner that challenges them. They enjoy the chase and are very lucky in love. They relate to others easily and are very helpful and kind. People born on the 27th want to be of service to others.

Born on the 28th

People born on the 28th are competitive and popular. They are different to others and can't help but be themselves. They are not the types to hurt anyone and have a feminine energy. They love to smile and are classy and respectful. People born on the 28th may face challenges in their lives and their lucky numbers are 1, 4 and 7. Their lucky crystals are rubies and emeralds.

Born on the 29th

People born on the 29th are peace-lovers and kind. They are creative and unique. People born on the 29th are very special, as even though they are not considered tough or strong, they still can be. They can endure hardships and bounce back after difficult times. They are powerful and in control of their lives, although they often find themselves relying on others.

Born on the 30th

People born on the 30th always learn from their past mistakes and love change. They are quite materialistic and very lucky in their lives. They love to help others which then helps themselves. Their relationships in their lives don't always last long and they find it hard communicating on a deep level. They can be quite selfish and live life to the fullest. People born on the 30th need to be with people constantly.

Born on the 31st

People born on the 31st find staying in touch with others difficult, but love spending time with their family. However, they love living far away from people and like to contemplate their lives. They are very positive in their thinking, but must learn to slow down and enjoy living in the moment. They are artistic and must always have a project on the go.

By Pia Louisa

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