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The Importance Of Kindness

Have you noticed that during the pandemic, people have either become really kind and considerate, or really rude and selfish? This is none clearer than when you are in a shop (kind=mask, rude=no mask and no social distancing). Everyone should be kinder as you never know how that might help someone. One small act can change someone's day.

A Message

When giving someone a hug isn't possible, sending a sweet text saying 'Thinking of you' or 'How are you?' is something that everyone would want to get. Sometimes we can get nervous about sending a random message saying 'Hi' to someone, but if you would get excited about receiving that message, why wouldn't they? You never know, someone out there might really need to talk at that moment.

Make The World A Better Place

Creating negativity and a toxic environment should NEVER be a goal. Whether it is to someone's face or from behind a screen, people are constantly putting others down. Take responsibility for your actions. Leave the world in a better place than when you found it. Chances are, the reason why you put people down is because someone has done it to you. End the cycle now.

Kindness Towards Yourself

I know I talk endlessly about taking care of yourself, but the way you treat yourself has a direct link to the way you treat others. If you love yourself and know that you are worthy, then there is no reason why you would feel the need to be mean to others, on the other hand, if you don't really like yourself, then you will find it easier to be harsh to other people. Kindness starts from within.

Make Other People Happy

Let's talk about the most obvious effect of kindness, making people happy. When I was in school, there was a girl that quite a few people weren't kind to, I always was kind as I could see how difficult it was for her. I didn't really think anything of it until I left when she told me how much it meant. That feeling of knowing that someone's life has been happier because of something I've done is better than anything.


Lastly, one of the many awful things people can do is judge others. What you think in your head and what you say to your mum and dad is not the point. Judging someone to their face or behind their back to friends is horrible. We've all been guilty of doing it and sometimes we are going to slip, but how would that person feel if they knew you were saying what you were about them? It is not for us to judge how someone wants to live their life.

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