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Things To Know Before A Tarot Reading

Tarot readings are a great way to gain insight into a situation and work out any issues you may be going through. Tarot readers are not fortune tellers, and because many people think this, they often come to a tarot reading unprepared.

Have An Open Mind

As mentioned before, tarot readers cannot predict the future, but because many people believe this, they come to their reading sceptical and ready to catch their reader out. Tarot readings are about working through problems you have and each card will be interpreted differently for each person. Let your reading empower you! If you trust the process, what you see and hear will resonate with you.

Think About Your Questions

Tarot readers LOVE when people ask them questions and are willing to get a dialogue going, so before your reading, think about some questions that you may want to ask your reader. The questions you ask will guide your reading and help your reader gain insight into what you are hoping to get from the experience. Reflect on your life at present and ask any and all questions!

Find A Reader You Feel Comfortable With

Once you feel ready for your tarot reading, finding the right reader is very important. You want to be open with them and feel free to talk about whatever you want (a good tarot reader will make sure to remind you that whatever you say is confidential). The reader you find should make you feel comfortable enough to laugh and cry in front of them and let you be yourself.

By Pia Louisa

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