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This Week's Tarot

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

It has come to that time again where we delve deeper into what this week has in store for your star sign. Using the fabulous tarot cards, let's have some fun and try and get some direction. A couple of weeks ago we saw what cards you have received, but what has changed and how will it relate to your life?

Aries - Four of Pentacles

Self-protection is very important to you at the moment Aries. You may be worried that someone out there is possibly trying to steal your ideas. Have faith and know that in the end the most worthy person will succeed, although try and keep as much to yourself as you can just in case!

Taurus - Two of Cups

What a beautiful card! The two of cups describes a love between two people. It is based on a deep connection and a mutual understanding. This may be the early stages of a partnership, or you may already be aware of your connection. Keep this up, as in the future it will be invaluable.

Gemini - King of Swords

Someone in your life isn't treating you how you deserve Gemini. Some bad tactics and manipulation are driving a wedge between you and it is up to you to put a stop to it. Some relationships aren't meant to survive the long run. Ask yourself whether it is worth putting up with or not.

Cancer - Five of Wands

Conflict and change has become a major part of your life recently and it is stopping you achieving your goals. Some healthy competition can be a good thing, but in this case it has all become a bit too much. Take some time, calm down and come back with a clear head.

Leo - Eight of Swords

Unhealthy thoughts are tying you down Leo. Get out of your own head and replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Once you let go of the pessimistic thoughts that are weighing on you, your life will become much fuller and happier.

Virgo - Page of Cups

Anything is possible Virgo! Open your mind and dare to be curious as your creative juices will start flowing magically. Start to believe in the impossible and dream your biggest dream. Once you put your mind to something, there's no stopping you.

Libra - Page of Pentacles

Learn from failure Libra. Everyone fails in life, it's how you get yourself back up that matters. Don't be afraid that you won't succeed on your first try, most people don't! Learn what went wrong and find another way to accomplish your goals.

Scorpio - The Lovers

Self-love is key to you Scorpio. Sometimes you give way too much of yourself to others and forget that you are important too. Take some time out and have a me day! Pamper yourself and do all the things you have wanted to do for some time. The only way to truly love others is to love yourself first.

Sagittarius - Ace of Pentacles

The shops may be open, but now is not the time to be spending large amounts of money. The Ace of Pentacles is telling you to be careful when spending at the moment, as the future is still very uncertain. Focus on what you need, rather than what you want.

Capricorn - Seven of Wands

Something is keeping your from achieving your goals Cap. Remember your strong self-confidence and self-belief and know that no one can do things the way that you can. You are in the right place at the right time and nothing can stop you.

Aquarius - Three of Wands

Baby steps are ok Aquarius! You have all of these amazing ideas in your head at the moment, but are finding them difficult to manage. Break them down into smaller tasks and create a plan to guide you.

Pisces - The Hanged Man

Do you ever get the feeling that you are so exhausted you have no choice but to stop? The universe is telling you to anticipate this and listen to your body. Once you can feel when you need to pause, these pauses will become much healthier. Take some time to listen to what your body really needs.

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