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Top Glee Songs

With over 700 songs to choose from, Glee has covered some amazing tunes. Even to those who have not seen the show, you will still be able to enjoy listening to the great songs they have performed.

1. "Don't Rain on My Parade"

This performance is one of Rachel Berry's bests. It's undeniable how talented she is, but after hearing her sing this 'Funny Girl' classic, you'll know she's a star. I'd never seen 'Funny Girl' or heard any of the songs from it, so this was the first time for me to hear this song and it has now become one of my favourites. Do yourself a favour and go listen to the song right now (or after you've finished reading)!

2. "Smooth Criminal"

Everything about the way they did this song was perfect. The musical chemistry between Santana and Sebastian, the way the song fits in with the entire episode and 2Cellos were all amazing. Again, the original version of this song was never one I was fully interested in, but this version really grabs your attention. The song is great and the whole episode around it is definitely worth watching.

3. "Don't Stop Believin'"

I couldn't do a list about Glee songs without including this tune! In the very first episode, the New Directions performed this song (and a couple times afterwards). It was the song that really made everyone believe that they could be a great group. Yes, they did play the song maybe one too many times, but it wouldn't be Glee without a bit of "Don't Stop Believin'".

4. "Me Against The Music"

The whole Britney Spears episode had some incredible covers, but this one was really something. Brittany's amazing dance moves always steal the show, add to that Santana's beautiful voice and you've got yourself a dream Britney cover. The cute couple often have insanely good numbers together (looking at you "Landslide") but this one is one of their best.

5. "Somebody to Love"

All of the Queen covers on the show were amazing, and this one is Glee at it's finest. With all of the original members of New Directions, this song showcases the talents that they have. There are some songs on the show that just blow you away, and this is for sure one of them. If you haven't heard their version of this classic song, go check it out now!

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