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Top TV Boyfriends

Lockdown has made dating rather difficult and when we do, it hardly ever lives up to what we think it will be. Lucky for us, we can watch all of these amazing shows and see what the best boyfriend looks like!

Chandler Bing

Even though he admittedly has a few strange quirks, Chandler has always been a loving and supportive boyfriend, turned husband, to Monica. From not making her move to Tulsa with him, to being there for her when they found out they couldn't have kids. Chandler may have told one too many jokes at times, but when it comes to boyfriend material, he has a whole wardrobe full of it!

Check out Monica and Chandler's full love story here.

Blaine Anderson

So, I know he cheated on Kurt and has made a few questionable decisions over the years, but there truly was no one better suited for Kurt than Blaine. After completely falling head over heels in love, Blaine moved schools so he could be with Kurt all the time and in season 5, plans an epic proposal including all of their glee club rivals coming together to join in on all the Klaine feels.

Marshall Eriksen

Of course, Marshall has to be on this list. He and Lily have been together since like the first day of college and are truly meant to be. He never keeps secrets from her and even though she has been his only ever girlfriend, there is no one else in the world he would want to be with. I mean their nicknames for each other are Marshmallow and Lilypad, they honestly couldn't get any cuter

Nate Archibald

Nate never got a clear love interest throughout 'Gossip Girl', but whenever he was with Serena, Blair or dare I say Vanessa, he was, most of the time, loving towards them. In a city where it seems like everyone is doing anything they want, Nate always seemed like one of the good guys. He never even sent in one tip to Gossip Girl in all six seasons, that is impressive.

Barry Allen

Literally one of the best guys ever! He is such boyfriend/husband goals it's crazy. He is an actual superhero and saves the world daily, yet he still has time to be an incredible husband to Iris. He is constantly there for her and always wants her to be happy whether it's by buying her an apartment for Christmas, or pretending to like her cooking when it is awful!

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