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Top TV Guest Stars

There are many things that make a TV show great, but the best way to have a great show, has to be having a great cast. Once that core group of fantastic people have been introduced, and loved by everyone, amazing guest stars start to appear in the shows we all adore.

Seeing a celebrity we love on a show we love to watch, just makes it even more special. Especially when they get and actual part in it, and not just do some odd cameo! Here are the top TV guest stars:

1. Reese Witherspoon - 'Friends'

There honestly was not anyone better to play Rachel's sister on Friends than Reese. We all know that she and Jennifer Aniston are great friends (now appearing on 'The Morning Show' together), and this definitely shows as their on-screen sister chemistry was off the charts. You would never have known that Reese was 'too scared' to come back on the show for more than two episodes because she didn't like being in front of a live audience.

2. Britney Spears - 'How I Met Your Mother'

This is kind of an odd one, but good nonetheless! Britney Spears played 'Abby', the sweet but naive receptionist of Stella. She stayed in the show for two episodes, and mainly spent time with Ted and Barney. At the start of her appearance, she had a major crush on Ted, however, as her time went on, it was clear that nothing was going to happen with them, so she ended up getting fake engaged to Barney, in a strange way to get back at Ted.

3. Kate Hudson - 'Glee'

Over the years, Glee had some amazing guest stars. From Idina Menzel to Gwyneth Paltrow, we have seen some huge stars come onto the show. Kate Hudson, however, was definitely one of the best. Not only is she an incredible actress, but who knew she had a great voice as well? Yes, her character on the show wasn't always the kindest, but in the end, she showed us that she was a friend to Rachel. Let's also not forget that performance of 'All That Jazz' she and Rachel did, because it was so good!

4. Lin-Manuel Miranda - 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Being a huge fan of him before coming on the show, this was certainly a guest star I was excited to see. He portrays Amy's brother David, a police lieutenant, who is considered 'the golden child' of the Santiago family. He is only in one episode in season six, however I hope to see him again in the next seasons as he and Amy have a hilarious competitive relationship that we need to see more of!

5. One Direction - 'iCarly'

Weird one, I know, but this was the first time I remember seeing people I loved on a show I would watch all the time! One Direction weren't the first to make an appearance on iCarly, with Michelle Obama coming onto the show a season earlier. However, as my little tween brain didn't quite understand how amazing Michelle Obama is, One Direction were the ones that made me ever so happy while watching iCarly!

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