Top TV Party Outfits

All dressed up and no where to go has been the phrase of the last few months, but with some amazing parties in the, hopefully, not too far away future, looking for some inspiration on-screen is a great way to reignite that fashion flame.

Rachel Green

Rachel is THE style queen, and when she wore the mint green dress in 'The One Where No One's Ready', she stole the episode with her glamorous look. For anyone with a special event coming up later in the year, this dress is great to draw inspiration from. Its mint green colour isn't the brightest, but a dress like that catches your attention as soon as you walk in the door.

Carrie Bradshaw

Similar to Rachel's, Carrie opts for a simple yet elegant dress. Perfect for a date night, this sequin dress is so chic and super simple to replicate. For someone like Carrie, who normally dresses slightly more unusually, wearing such an effortless look (with simple styling) definitely shows how stunning this outfit is on its own. Just partner with some strappy heels and even Carrie herself would be proud!


This one is quite an unusual choice, but one of the style trends for 2020 are wide waist belts and this look shows how to rock them. For a character such as Eleven, you never really see her in fashionable outfits, especially in season 1, so to see her in such a beautiful dress, was a big surprise. Maybe keep away from the 80's shoulder pads when trying to recreate though!

Marley Rose

Prom may have been cancelled this year for most, but that doesn't mean that the gorgeous prom dresses we see on TV should not be used for inspiration. Marley's ocean blue dress is beautiful and can be worn to different types of events, not just prom. Its halter neckline is high-class and the elegant length is lovely. A pretty dress for a fun occasion.

Maeve Wiley

Maeve was hands down one of the best dressed TV characters of 2019. As she usually dresses quite dark and edgy, we knew that she would bring that look into her party dress as well. This amazing black dress was perfect for her personality and the contrast with her pink hair was inspired. No matter where you are going, you should definitely recreate Maeve's outfit in some way.

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