TV Couples To Ship

With plenty of shows out there, many great couples have graced us with their presence. We've all seen that one on-screen couple where we can't help but say how cute they are together!

Nowadays, in TV shows, it seems that every character has dated each other at one point or another, so we really do get to see all of the options before we make a final decision as to who's our favourite. Unfortunately, because of this we also get subjected to a good few couples that we wish were NEVER together. For me, when watching a show, there are a few things that it must have; laughs, drama, and a good romance. Luckily, there are lots to choose from.

Ultimately, a couple we all love to ship would be one where no matter where they are from, they just fit, and every time they break up, we can't help but want them back together again.

Here are my picks for the best TV couples to ship:

1. Kurt and Blaine, Glee

No matter how many times I watch the show, Kurt and Blaine will forever be the cutest couple. All throughout Season 1, Kurt never found anyone he could be with (mostly because he was crushing on Finn). However, in Season 2, Blaine comes along, and thank God he did because I couldn't imagine Glee without it's best couple. In the last few episodes the two get married and live happily ever after.

2. Stiles and Lydia, Teen Wolf

For such a beloved couple, it really took them a while to get together. During the entire show, Stiles has been in love with Lydia, while she couldn't really care less. They both are in separate relationships throughout the show, up until the last season. They kept us waiting for long enough, and it was totally worth it. We didn't get to see their life after high school but I'm sure they were happy together.

3. Chuck and Blair, Gossip Girl

It's definitely safe to say that they both had their faults, but put them together and they create the dream/nightmare couple! Over the course of their relationship, they both did some truly awful things to each other (Chuck trading Blair for a hotel probably being the worst). However, somehow through it all they managed to end up together, later getting married and having a child.

4. Cheryl and Toni, Riverdale

There aren't many times you can say this, but these two are perfect for each other. During Season 1, unlike the other main characters on the show, Cheryl never really had a clear direction when it came to her love life. That was until Toni. There is honestly no one better for her, I mean can you imagine Cheryl Blossom with someone boring? Both Cheryl and Toni are strong, kickass women, and together they can only get stronger.

5. Damon and Elena, The Vampire Diaries

This was a relationship that just got stronger and stronger throughout the seasons. Whether you are more of a Stefan fan or a Damon fan, it's pretty clear that Elena should have always ended up with Damon. She keeps him in touch with his human side and he makes her feel alive. They may not always agree on everything, but they do bring out the best in each other.

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