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TV Friendships To Look Up To

TV needs a combination of different elements to make it work: a good romance, a great antagonist and depending on the genre, lots of twists and turns to keep us on our toes. However, one important part of a great TV show, is great friendships. A great friendship is one we aspire to have, through all of the ups and downs that they face. Here are some friendships that deserve to be recognised.

Nick, Schmidt and Winston - 'New Girl'

Jess may be the main character of the show, but Nick, Schmidt and Winston truly are the best friends anyone could ask for. Male friendships are typically shown as guys on some sort of sports team meeting up and talking about girls. In 'New Girl', Nick, Schmidt and Winston have a friendship where they live together and talk about everything that's on their minds. Click here to have a look at them just being their hilarious selves!

Scott and Stiles - 'Teen Wolf'

There are many teen high school shows out there (so many that I swear every time I go on Netflix a new one pops up) but not many of them show a friendship like Scott and Stiles. Not only do they have so much love and respect for each other, they are also so funny and relatable (even though one of them is a werewolf)! Through thick and thin, even when Stiles becomes evil for a while, they always have each other's backs. Click here for a clip of them being the best friends that they are.

Maeve, Eric and Otis - 'Sex Education'

While most friendships are established by shared interests or mutual friends, this one is set up to sell sex advice! While Eric and Otis have been friends for ages and have an amazing dynamic with just the two of them, Maeve also being included brings an extra edge into their friendship group. Each character faces their own personal struggles, but at the end of the day they all understand and care for each other. Click here to see their sweet yet complicated friendship play out.

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson - 'Sherlock'

A friendship that has been seen in many different ways, through many different actors, Sherlock and John are iconic friends that everyone has heard of. One a big mind with an even bigger ego and the other a traumatised army vet. Each with difficult personality traits, yet they still love each other no matter what. Click here for a peek into one of the greatest friendships of all time.

Chandler and Joey - 'Friends'

You can't do a list on friendships without mentioning the show named after it! Choosing just one pair of friends from the show is hard, but when it comes down to it, Chandler and Joey are the ones everyone thinks about. Playing with the chick and the duck, sitting in a box, or watching TV in their Barcaloungers, Joey and Chandler always have fun and aren't afraid to be real with each other. Click here for one of the many clips of them just being hilariously relatable!

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