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Ways To Stop Caring About What Other People Think

It's only natural to care what people think, however, sometimes it's best to block out the world and focus on yourself instead.

Don't Compare Yourself

Focussing on what other people are saying about you is extremely bad for your mental health. The happiest people focus on themselves and how they can be better than they previously were. When you find yourself comparing your life to someone else's, it is great to distract yourself by watching a video on YouTube or reading a book. The only person you have to be better than is your past self.

Keep It In Perspective

It's easy to get caught up in your thoughts and think that everyone is obsessed with the 'mistakes' of your life. However, in reality, other people hardly ever think about you because they have enough worries about their own lives that occupy their minds! People have their own insecurities that keep them up at night (just listen to Taylor Swift's Midnights album that proves it!)

No One Cares

Whether you have done something extremely positive, or awfully negative, no one actually cares! Maybe if people were thinking about you constantly, then their opinion of you may go up or down, but to be honest, they aren't. When you feel self-conscious, notice that you are thinking about yourself, which means that the people around you are most likely doing the same thing.

People Do Have Opinions Of You

On the flip side, people do have opinions of you and avoiding judgement all together is impossible. Whether it's a good thing or not, assessing other people is a natural part of socialising. Therefore, it's best for you to be aware that this is going on. However, not everyone's opinion of you is going to be accurate, so accept that they may think a certain way about you and move on.

Focus On Your Values

What are values? Values aren't what you do, they are why you do them. Maybe you enjoy spending time with a tight-knit group of friends because you value loyalty. You may take time every day to meditate because you value spirituality. Or, you make sure to help as many people as you can because you value kindness. List your most important values and live your life for those reasons.

Change Your Thoughts

Worrying about what people think can make us extremely anxious and cause us to think that these negative thoughts are the only possible outcome to our situations. Therefore, experimenting with the way you think is a great way to flip the switch. If you're thinking, 'My work is horrible and no one is ever going to like it', turn it around and say to yourself, 'I'm nervous about what people are going to think about my work, but I'll put it out there and see what they decide, they may actually end up loving it!'.

Question Yourself

Humans tend to lean towards patterns of negative thinking, which brings unnecessary sadness and sorrow into life. Therefore, questioning your thoughts and not allowing them to take over you is very important. It's likely you'll realise that the things you are fretting about only live in your mind.

By Pia Louisa

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