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Weekly Goddess - Abundantia

This week's goddess is Abundantia, Roman goddess of abundance and wealth. Her name literally means riches, which is why she is a goddess of money, fortune, belongings and success. She is all about being open to receiving what the universe gives to you. Today we will be learning who she is, what she stands for and how to embrace her energy.

Who Is Abundantia?

Abundantia is not a well known goddess, which makes her even more interesting! As her name means riches, she obviously is the goddess of abundance and prosperity, which is all the more evident by her holding the 'horn of plenty'. Abundantia is known for being beautiful and pure. She is also loving, patient and kind and loves to help people and be generous with her gifts.

What Does Abundantia Stand For?

Abundantia stands for doing a task well, which in her case means being open to receiving wealth and riches. She wants people to make purchases, but guides them so they do it sensibly and protects their finances. Abundantia doesn't want people to have financial worries and hopes to get rid of any negativity in their lives. Her cornucopia (horn of plenty) is said to be filled with coins which she would occasionally leave for people to find.

How To Embrace Abundantia's Energy

Embrace Abundantia's energy by taking care of your riches. Come up with ideas for yourself that you know are within your reach. If you find coins scattered around, it means that she is aware of your situation and wants to help. If you call on her, get ready for some money-making ideas to pop into your head! If you are a Sagittarius, you are even more likely to be connected to her as the ruler of this star sign is Jupiter, planet of abundance and riches.

By Pia Louisa

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