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Weekly Goddess - Brigid

Tarot isn't for everyone and as I will be doing a weekly tarot card, I thought I would also do a weekly goddess card. In these posts, we will be discussing who these wonderful goddesses are, what they stand for and how you can incorporate their energy into your day-to-day life.

Who Is Brigid?

The reason why we are starting this series with this particular goddess is because she is a triple goddess. This means that she represents the three aspects of women: maiden, mother and crone. As an Irish goddess, she has fire-red hair and serves as the goddess of the poetic arts and fertility. She is one of the most well known Irish deities and sometimes goes by the title of Goddess of the Wells.

What Does Brigid Stand For?

As a triple goddess, Brigid stands for quite a few things. As mentioned above, she is the goddess of fertility and parenthood, but she also stands for passion and intensity (as symbolised by the flame she is holding). Brigid is a powerful deity who vows to protect mothers and newborn babies from harm. When she is not embracing her maternal side, she also inspires others to be creative by writing and more specifically, writing poems.

How To Embrace Brigid's Energy

As Brigid is a goddess who loves to care, embrace her energy by treating yourself. Get enough sleep, go out for long walks and meditate. Wash away any negative energies that still remain within you and in doing so, you will begin a new adventure in life. For an extra step, light a few candles around you for a magical setting and think about what you are grateful for and what you appreciate not only in your life, but about yourself.

By Pia Louisa

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