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Weekly Goddess - Pele

Our next goddess is Pele. Here we will be discussing who she is, what she stands for and how you can incorporate her energy into your day-to-day life. Goddess cards are brilliant if you are not into tarot, but still want some guidance. Don't be afraid to shuffle your deck at home and ask a question to the universe.

Who Is Pele?

Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes and fire. She is also known as 'She who shapes the land' and is a very well-known deity in Hawaiian mythology. Pele is a goddess that shows us all the fire can do. She believes that fire can clear away the old and create new energy around us. Pele is also the goddess of passion and wants others to always follow what they're passionate about in every area of life.

What Does Pele Stand For?

Pele stands for true passion and believes in going after what you feel connected to. She considers the Earth to have a natural rhythm and when you follow it you become connected to the Earth. Pele believes in respect and wants others to respect themselves and their hopes and dreams. Following your heart should never be considered silly in her eyes.

How To Embrace Pele's Energy

As a goddess of passion, by embracing your own fiery side you are also embracing Pele's energy. Another way to welcome this spirit is to ask yourself if you are really doing what you are passionate about in your job. If you need a change in your life, take a class in something you have always wanted to try. Don't be afraid to go after what you want and be honest with yourself in the process.

By Pia Louisa

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