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It's horoscope time and with Christmas only a couple of weeks away and with a full moon on Sunday, it's no wonder everyone is feeling rather hectic at the moment! With the Sun in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, the feeling of wanting to be greater has never been clearer. You may also be trying to decide whether to be independent, or be ok relying on someone else.

Aries - Six of Pentacles

It seems you have been thinking about helping out a friend, in the hopes that one day they will help you out. However, it is unlikely that this person will help you out in the way you want them to and will probably forget all about your favour. This isn't to say you shouldn't help them, just be careful when thinking that they will do for you what you have done for them.

Taurus - Judgement

Judgement makes itself known when you are reaching an important stage of your journey. It's as if all of the pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together and your life is starting to take shape. You have released any guilt or sadness about the past and are ready to embrace this new chapter that is welcoming you. You are in a significant part of your life.

Gemini - The Sun

You are very optimistic Gemini, sometimes to your detriment. Not every situation is going to end perfectly and it's good to remember that from time to time. Don't be negative, but understand that not everything is going to end the way you want it to and that's ok. There can't be a rainbow without a little rain, so when times get tough, sometimes it's best to just let it pass on its own.

Cancer - Ace of Wands

Delays are really getting you down at the moment Cancerian. You have the drive and ability to do what you want, but other people and situations mean that you can't do your job properly. The only thing you can really do now is wait for the right thing/person to come along. You have done everything possible to speed things up, so now it is all down to the universe to send help your way.

Leo - Knight of Wands

You are hurrying a situation along to make things go quicker for you. However, sometimes it is best to let the universe do its thing and make a situation come to you naturally. Don't make any snap decisions and wait for the right idea to come into your head organically. Trust the universe and know that the best things will come your way when you least expect it.

Virgo - The Star

Spirituality is the word for you Virgo. You have suddenly become more enlightened and are naturally figuring out what you want to spend your time doing. You may be more in touch with yourself and your emotions lately and it is working out amazingly well! You could even take some more time to connect to your soul. Hold a crystal, or get a tarot reading, something to get your spirituality to the next level.

Libra - Ace of Pentacles

In the Ace of Pentacles, there is a bright green garden, filled with white lilies. This imagery symbolises moving forward with your career aspirations. Your future is bright and if you have any fear, don't let it consume you. Whatever's meant to be will eventually be, so don't stress yourself worrying about the future. Move forward with your plans without hesitation.

Scorpio - Ten of Swords

Recovery is the word for you Scorpio. The Ten of Swords shows that you have been through a tough time recently and are now finally recovering from all of it. Right now, the only thing you need to focus on is yourself. Let your heart and mind heal from this awful situation and don't let other people's opinions get in the way of you becoming your normal self again.

Sagittarius - Three of Wands

Progress is what's important right now Sagittarius. Don't focus on the end goal and instead concentrate on the small steps you are taking that are helping you reach your goal. Progress is so important and often we forget to look back and be proud of how far we have come. You are doing so well and it is time for you to realise that. Carry on just the way you are.

Capricorn - Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles is showing that you are investing your time in something that is causing other areas of your life to suffer. There has to come a time when you say enough is enough and now is that time. You may be working so much that your family and partner are feeling neglected, or maybe you're so focussed on improving your personal life, you're not letting your talents truly shine at work.

Aquarius - Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles suggests that you want to live independently and need your space in order to show how much you care for your loved ones. As well as all your other commitments you must try and find time to care for yourself, as if you don't do that, everything else will eventually fall apart. Prioritise yourself carefully and live your life in a way that is best for you.

Pisces - Seven of Wands

Sometimes there might be a person who catches you off guard and you feel as if you can't deal with them properly. To be better prepared, the Seven of Wands wants you to plan how to handle situations you may not feel comfortable dealing with. If this has happened lately, write down everything that you were feeling in that particular moment and come up with solutions so you don't have to go through it again.

By Pia Louisa

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