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Weekly Horoscope

Welcome to your weekly horoscope! The cards have spoken, so let's see what is in store for your star sign.

Aries - Justice

Dishonesty is never the way to go Aries. You don't have to lie to people about how you're really feeling. Speak up and let others know what you want. No one's ever going to know how you feel if you don't tell them. Everyone in your life will be much happier just knowing that you're happier! Speak your truth and let the world know who you truly are.

Taurus - The Magician

The Magician card symbolises greed. You seem to be doing things for personal gain at the moment that don't align with your highest good. You are probably doing this unintentionally. If things aren't quite going the way you hoped at the moment, search within and see if you are only doing things for your own benefit, without thinking about your highest good.

Gemini - The Devil

Exploring the darker side to your personality has its pros and cons Gemini. Sometimes it feels freeing to stop caring what other people think and go off and do whatever you feel like doing. However, it can sometimes make us neglect certain relationships in our lives. So, it is all down to you to figure out which way of living makes you the happiest. We all have light and dark within us.

Cancer - Eight of Cups

Escapism is very important for you Cancerian. Life can get tough, especially for someone who carries the weight of the world on their shoulders. Focus on finding that escape you need in order to feel like yourself again. When things can difficult, stop for a while and do the thing that helps you get away from life's troubles. Use this distraction to help you cope when things get bad.

Leo - Five of Wands

The Five of Wands is encouraging you to be enthusiastic about any changes going on in your life. Transformation is coming whether you like it or not, and it's your job to make sure that everyone is handling it the best that they can (including yourself). At the moment, the energies around you are a bit scattered. Everyone has ideas, but no one is bringing them to life. This is where you step in.

Virgo - The High Priestess

The High Priestess sits in front of a veil covered in pomegranates. The veil represents the conscious and subconscious, and it is her job to only let what it necessary through to either side. Only those deemed worthy can enter. The pomegranates symbolise abundance and fertility, and were especially scared to Persephone. This card is telling you to not share too much with others and to be grateful for what you have.

Libra - The Star

Don't despair Libra, things will soon get better. For a sign that has always pictured the perfect life, it feels horrible when things aren't going the way you want. The only way out is through, so do your best to carry on until the dark clouds have passed. Remember to do fun things amidst the chaos and really enjoy the good moments. You're almost out of the darkness.

Scorpio - The Chariot

Control is extremely important to you Scorpio, so use this to your advantage. Be a boss in every area of your life. If there are areas you feel like you have no control in, spend a little extra time trying to get those in order. When you go to bed at night, this card wants you to know that you are doing everything you can to be truly happy. Work hard and be proud of yourself.

Sagittarius - Nine of Swords

The Nine of Swords often appears when anxiety and stress are keeping you awake at night. You may not be sleeping very well, or you might be getting quite a few nightmares. Your constant thoughts about everything that is worrying you are stopping you from getting any rest. All you should focus on now is getting your mind under control and learning how to relax again.

Capricorn - Ten of Cups

Divine love is all around you Capricorn! The love that you have in your life right now (and the love that is making its way to you) is beautiful and you should feel unbelievably grateful that you have such wonderful people in your life. Make the most out of the relationships with the people you love and when you feel down, remember everything you already have.

Aquarius - Queen of Wands

Courage is your key word Aquarius! All of a sudden in your life, you have become a braver person who is willing to try things you were once too afraid to do. Take this moment to remember how much you have achieved and how far you have come. Even though you were nervous, you pushed through and have become an even more interesting person.

Pisces - Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles represents a mindset where you aren't enjoying the present because you are so worried about the future. You aren't enjoying what you already have, because you are so focussed on what is missing from your life. Focus on small things you love about your life and express gratitude for those. Soon your positivity will grow and you won't be thinking about what you don't have as often.

By Pia Louisa

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