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Weekly Horoscope

Your weekly horoscope has arrived, and this week we are back to using The Sacred Self-Care Oracle deck. So when receiving your tarot and oracle card, think about how you can incorporate self-care into your week.

Aries - Two of Pentacles

Adapting to what is going on around you is going to be very important to you Aries. You can't always do exactly what you want, so slightly changing the way you do things will be beneficial for you and the people around you. Don't change who you are in order to please other people, but remember to go with the flow every now and then. Try to adapt to your surroundings. Oracle card - Movement.

Taurus - Five of Cups

Don't let any 'failures' hold you back Taurus. Failing at something doesn't mean you can't try again. In fact, the more you fail, the better you will become. Learn from your mistakes and keep going. Don't be embarrassed about anyone knowing what has happened, because they aren't going to care anyway! Look towards the future, as that is the way you are going. Oracle card - Watch a movie.

Gemini - Seven of Wands

Feeling tired and exhausted from certain situations is totally normal Gemini. We all need to take a break every now and then, and this is your time to do just that. Recharge your batteries and get your energy levels up again. You'll know when you're ready, as you will suddenly feel excited again! Relax for now and rest. Oracle card - Connect with your ancestors.

Cancer - The Empress

Depending on others is not a weakness Cancerian. Remember that you are lucky enough to have people in your life that you can rely on in times of struggle. Obviously, if you start depending on them too much, you may come across as clingy, but if you just need some support from the people you love, don't be afraid to reach out. Let others take care of you from time to time. Oracle card - Make a meal.

Leo - Two of Cups

Mutual attraction between you and another person is helping your spirit shine Leo! Someone in your life is equally as attracted to you as you are to them. This describes looks, personality and intellect all matching up and creating something beautiful. Look for that special someone who you can rely on and love. This is your time for romance and partnership. Oracle card - Connect with fire.

Virgo - Three of Cups

Your friendships are really helping you grow and live life to the fullest Virgo. Make sure to show and tell your friends how much they mean to you and get out there and make some memories together. The strongest friendships in your life will stick around for years to come and it is these people who make you smile and laugh the hardest. Have some fun with the friends that mean so much to you. Oracle card - Look to the stars.

Libra - Seven of Pentacles

Perseverance will keep you strong Libra. No matter what you're going through at the moment, it will get better. Keep going and don't forget to have some fun every day. Look for the silver lining to every situation and do what you love! Only give up when you know that there is nothing more you can get from what you are doing. Persevere and try to enjoy yourself as much as you can. Oracle card - Use your hands.

Scorpio - Justice

Make sure to take accountability for your actions Scorpio. Assessing ourselves is one of the hardest things to do, as we naturally either think we are doing nothing wrong, or doing everything wrong. Try to look at yourself with a fresh perspective and really think about what you have done right and what you may need to improve on. Oracle card - Plan a holiday.

Sagittarius - The Tower

The Tower card shows a lightening strike directed at the tower, this symbolises a revelation that you may have just had that could lead to a break-through. It knocks off the crown on top of the tower, showing your need to connect with your crown chakra. The people in this card are trying to escape the burning tower, suggesting that even in times of disaster, there is a way out. Oracle card - Sound healing.

Capricorn - Four of Wands

If you have been working on an important project, you are going to reach a milestone and be celebrating your success! The Four of Wands is showing a project being completed and you feeling happy about your job well done. You are going to reach your goal and have your vision come to life. Remember to be proud of all that you have achieved. Oracle card - Build strength.

Aquarius - The Sun

Success is yours Aquarius! The Sun is showing that after a period of struggle, you are now seeing success coming from new projects. This could also mean personal projects as well as professional ones. Take some time to appreciate all of your success before you move onto the next project. You know what works for you and are seeing fabulous results. Oracle card - Massage.

Pisces - Three of Wands

You don't have the ability to predict what's going to happen in the future Pisces, so try your best to go with the flow and let whatever is meant to happen, happen. Thinking about the future can cause anxiety in everyone, so sometimes it's best to try and not think about it at all. Focus on what you have right now and enjoy yourself. The present is all we have, so try to have some fun. Oracle card - Make a vision board.

By Pia Louisa

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