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Weekly Horoscope

Welcome to your weekly horoscope! This week there is a full supermoon in Capricorn on Wednesday. This means that you may find yourself looking at the practical side of life and getting organised in areas that need a bit of work. The oracle cards being used today are the Starcodes Astro Oracle deck, giving extra guidance to your reading by using the zodiac.

Aries - Queen of Cups

Your inner feelings are making their way up to the surface Aries. With your zodiac sign, you often hear that you should try and control your emotions, however, sometimes you need to get them out in order to heal from them. Your current feelings are more likely to be resolved if you talk to the right person about them. Don't push them away, let them be known. Oracle card - Solar Calm = Clarify.

Taurus - Death

A transformation is upon you Taurus! If you have been wanting your life to change, this is a good sign. Things are happening for you and they are creating new opportunities. Get yourself ready for the changes coming your way by getting rid of the things that no longer serve you. This transformation is for the best, and will take you to the next step of your life. Oracle card - Opposition = Confrontation.

Gemini - Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups shows that you have a harmonious relationship with others and everything in your life is going in the right direction. You are experiencing a time where your hopes and dreams are coming true and you feel at peace. Take some time to appreciate everything that you have accomplished. You have created your perfect life by following your heart and trusting your intuition. Oracle card - Uranus = Change.

Cancer - Two of Wands

The Two of Wands has moved on from the spark of inspiration and shows that you want to have a clear action plan. You know what you want from life and now have to figure out how you are going to get there. Explore the opportunities you have and work out how to deal with any potential challenges. You are open to personal growth of any kind, as long as you know your efforts will be worth it. Oracle card - Libra = Balance.

Leo - Judgement

You are going through a rebirth at the moment Leo! Suddenly you have become a new version of yourself and are enjoying what is coming from it. Get rid of the things that no longer serve this new you and embrace who you are becoming. Without even realising it you have gone through a massive change, so trust yourself and do what makes you happy. Oracle card - Ascendant = Entrance.

Virgo - Four of Cups

Contemplation is hugely important to you Virgo. Taking the time to think about what is to come helps greatly when planning your next steps. Allow yourself to stop for a moment and contemplate what you want to do next. If you are feeling stressed about something, don't distract yourself, think about how you can create a more peaceful outcome to the situation. Oracle card - Sun = Source.

Libra - Ace of Swords

Success is making its way to you Libra! This card is saying that all of your hard work is paying off and good things are coming to you. Don't worry about the negatives of life, as there is so much you have to look forward to. Be proud of everything you have achieved so far, and keep in mind all that you still have coming to you in the future. Success is yours. Oracle card - Pluto = Rebirth.

Scorpio - Three of Swords

Heartbreak is a difficult thing. Whether it's a romantic, friendship, or familial heartbreak, this feeling can last a while and comes with a form of grief. When something happens that makes you feel this way, there isn't much you can do except get through the tough time. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions Scorpio and be kind to yourself. This feeling will pass over time. Oracle card - Eighth House = Mystery.

Sagittarius - The Lovers

The relationships in your life are very important to you Sagittarius. You enjoy the company of your closest friends and family and understand that you have to care for these relationships in order to help them grow. Spend some time having fun with the people you love the most and use this time to forget about any troubles that may have been getting you down. Oracle card - Debilitated = Discomfort.

Capricorn - Three of Wands

A lack of foresight is creating more challenges than are necessary Capricorn. You aren't quite understanding what will be needed in the future and are focussing on the wrong things. What are your main values in life? If it is excitement, make sure to do the things that make you excited and keep your heart racing. If it is happiness, do what makes you happy and the rest will fall into place. Oracle card - Second House = Resources.

Aquarius - Five of Swords

Competition can bring out the worst in others and it is making life more difficult for you Aquarius. Being in an aggressive atmosphere is not the best place for you and often leaves you feeling deflated and unhappy. Have faith in yourself and know that none of this really matters in the grand scheme of life. Enjoy the peaceful moments and forget about the people that bring you down. Oracle card - Fifth House = Passion.

Pisces - The Hermit

Isolation is something that you are beginning to love more and more. Enjoying time with others is great, but enjoying time with yourself is a skill that you are starting to master. Having alone time is of great value to you Pisces, and you must allow yourself time to do it as often as you like. Be the hermit in this card and find peace in solitude. Be free in the company of yourself. Oracle card - Progressions = Journey.

By Pia Louisa

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