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Weekly Horoscope

It's time for your weekly horoscope! The oracle cards being used today are the Prism Oracle deck, providing a deeper insight into your reading.

Aries - Eight of Swords

It is time to release any negative thoughts and move on from what has been bothering you Aries. There is no point dwelling on the bad parts of life, allow yourself to forget about them for a while and focus on the positives. Take a few deep breaths and with each one let go of something that has been holding you back. Life will become happier once you embrace the good. Oracle card - Creativity.

Taurus - Ten of Wands

Release all that is no longer serving you Taurus. Holding onto grudges and spending your precious time thinking about people that have nothing to do with you is pointless to your overall wellbeing. Get rid of all the negativity and welcome in new positive experiences. You will see there is so much more to life once you let go of the parts of yourself you have grown out of. Oracle card - Caution.

Gemini - The Empress

The Empress wants you to maintain a strong connection to your femininity. Femininity can be described in many ways, for example, elegance, sensuality, and fertility. It is beneficial for both men and women to have a balance between the masculine and feminine. Connect to your feminine side and create beauty in your life. Embrace your senses and use them to experience all kinds of pleasures. Oracle card - Love.

Cancer - King of Wands

Your entrepreneurial side is making its way out Cancerian, and you are embracing every moment of it! Business and finances are very important to you, therefore working hard to provide is something you were born to do. You have taken some risks in the past, but whether they paid off or not, you wouldn't be where you are now without them. Your accomplishments have been because of your hard work. Oracle card - Anger.

Leo - Ace of Cups

Your creativity is at its best Leo! Whether it's the warm weather or time to yourself, you are being inspired to create and nothing is stopping you. Use your creativity to get out any unwanted emotions and express yourself. Whatever form of art you choose, make sure it represents who you are as a person and what you want to get across. This is your time to create and inspire. Oracle card - Balance.

Virgo - Seven of Pentacles

Long-term goals are at the forefront of your mind at the moment Virgo and your visions of the future are helping you make your decisions. It's good to know what you want your life to look like, or at least have a vague idea, but make sure to still live in the present and not get caught up in the thrill of the future. Use your goals as guidelines, but remember to do what feels good right now. Oracle card - Peace.

Libra - King of Cups

Emotionally manipulative people are easy to let in Libra and cause much heartbreak when they show their true colours. Try your hardest to suss out the good from the bad, and remember that it's not your fault if you get caught up in someone else's games. Everyone goes through this and it's totally normal to choose the wrong people to spend time with. Oracle card - Confidence.

Scorpio - Five of Wands

Tension is something that you may be dealing with at the moment Scorpio and it is putting a damper on something that is supposed to be really exciting. If you or someone you know is going through a tense time, try and get all emotions out into the open. It is so much easier when people are honest with their feelings and it will help everyone involved make the time spent together more enjoyable. Oracle card - Intuition.

Sagittarius - Two of Swords

Indecision is making life a bit tricky for you at the moment Sagittarius and it can be a difficult thing to solve. When making decisions, don't fret about what anyone else may think or the repercussions that could take place, instead do what feels right in the moment and have trust in yourself. No one will blame you if you speak from the heart and do what feels good for you. Oracle card - Mystery.

Capricorn - The Sun

Remember fun Capricorn? That is what you have when you let go of any expectations and just let loose with your best friends and family! Don't think about the future or what may come from one tiny action and instead just live for the moment. Have fun and do what feels right to you now. Whether you feel like going out or staying in, respect your own decision and have a good time. Oracle card - Ghost.

Aquarius - Eight of Pentacles

Mastering a particular skill is something you pride yourself on Aquarius and like when you get recognition for it. Whatever this skill may be, make sure to spend more time honing it, as you know that you can never learn enough about a subject you are passionate about and want to carry on doing for a long time. Set some time aside to perfect your chosen craft. Oracle card - Ideation.

Pisces - Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups shows a man standing in front of seven cups filled with gifts, for example, jewels, a wreath, and a statue. However, in some of the cups there are curses, a snake, dragon, and ghost. This card is telling you to be careful what you wish for, as not everything is at it seems and there are things that may come back to bite you. The choices that you make should be what's best for you. Oracle card - Trust.

By Pia Louisa

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