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Weekly Horoscope

It's time for your weekly horoscope! Whether you're a mysterious Scorpio, an organised Capricorn, or a quirky Aquarius, the cards have spoken and your horoscopes are in. The oracle cards being used today are the Starcodes Astro Oracle.

Aries - The Fool

Usually recklessness is something to watch out for Aries, however, in The Fool this trait is expected and even encouraged. Don't play it safe and instead do something that scares you. Be reckless for once and allow yourself to be a bit selfish. Start your new journey off by having some fun! There are of course going to be times when you have to be sensible, so live it up while you can. Oracle card - Mercury = Messages.

Taurus - The Hierophant

The Hierophant sits between two pillars, similar to the High Priestess. He wears three robes and has a three-tiered crown on his head, which both represent the three realms over which he rules (the conscious, sub-conscious, and super-conscious). This card wants you to use your status for good and send blessings to the people who need them. You are in control of more than you think. Oracle card - Tenth House = Authority.

Gemini - Six of Swords

You are going through a personal transition at the moment Gemini. This isn't something that others will easily be able to notice, as it is a very private transition that is taking a lot out of you emotionally. Treat yourself with compassion and let your feelings take over if they need the spotlight. The best thing for you to do now is love yourself fully and not compare yourself to anyone else. Oracle card - Fourth House = Home.

Cancer - Queen of Pentacles

This is one of the cards of ultimate self-care Cancerian! If you've been so busy lately that you haven't had any time to yourself, this is your sign to take a break. Self-care is so important and it can come in many forms. Whatever it is you like to do to unwind and relax, do it and don't feel guilty about doing it. Take some time to work on you and feel at peace. Oracle card - Aries = Act.

Leo - Ace of Wands

Your personal growth is just building and building Leo! You have really put the time and effort into working on yourself and the results are showing. Keep going, as there is always more to be done, but don't forget to look back at how for you have come. You are becoming the best version of yourself and have so much more to look forward to. Everything you have right now, you deserve. Oracle card - Conjunction = Alliance.

Virgo - Six of Cups

Revisiting the past can be helpful, but it can also be destructive, it is down to you which path you take Virgo. When we need to work out why we are the way that we are, looking back to the past can be very beneficial, however it can also bring up unwanted emotions that we aren't quite ready for. Be careful when revisiting time gone by and only go as far as you're comfortable with. Oracle card - Neptune = Vision.

Libra - The Chariot

Self-discipline is very important to you Libra, and it is a trait that you are having to rely on. Something is making you doubt yourself and pulling you towards the dark side. Trust that you know what is best for yourself and stay strong. There will be moments where you'll want to give in, but your inner wisdom is guiding you towards being the best version of yourself. Oracle card - Midheaven = Pinnacle.

Scorpio - Wheel Of Fortune

Resistance to change isn't going to help anyone Scorpio. It's clear that big changes are happening for you at the moment, and they are causing some unwanted emotions to come up. Try your hardest to go with the flow and roll with the punches. Everything happening is for the best and you have nothing to worry about. Life works in mysterious ways. Oracle card - Pluto = Rebirth.

Sagittarius - Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles is encouraging you to think long-term about your future and assess which areas of your life are the most rewarding. You know that there is no point putting time and effort into areas of your life that you aren't benefitting from and that there are some things or people around you that are draining your energy. It's time to cull what is no longer serving you. Oracle card - Third House = Communication.

Capricorn - Knight of Swords

You Capricorn need to let your impulsive side out to play! Don't overthink anything and instead just go for it. The worst that can happen is never as bad as you think, so even if you embarrass yourself or completely fail, at least you know you tried your hardest. If you want something, go get it. Don't push yourself to the extreme, as impulsivity is all about doing without thinking. Oracle card - Aquarius = Collaborate.

Aquarius - Ace of Pentacles

Manifestation is something that has served you well Aquarius. Possibly without even realising it, you have manifested a life that you could have only dreamed of years ago. Carry on doing this, as not only does it give you a goal to work towards, but you are putting your time and effort into guiding yourself towards your desires, hopes, and wishes. Oracle card - Solar Calm = Clarify.

Pisces - Nine of pentacles

Abundance is all around you Pisces! Your life is full of warmth and happiness, which are the results of your hard work and perseverance. During the times you feel down, remember to look around at your material pleasures and the family and friends who are all there for you. There is so much to be grateful for, even if at times you forget all that you have. Oracle card - South Node = Past.

By Pia Louisa

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