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Weekly Horoscope

Welcome to your weekly horoscope! This week is going to be a big one, as there is a Full Moon in Aquarius on Thursday. The combination of a Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon means that you may feel like taking centre stage to show others your true unique self. The oracle cards being used today are the Prism Oracle deck.

Aries - The Star

There is a sense of renewal about your life at the moment Aries. If there has been something that has caused you some interruptions lately, rest assured that it will be taken care of and you can get back to your normal life soon. After this is sorted out, you will begin to feel like a whole new person and will approach life with a different attitude. You are being reborn! Oracle card - Consciousness.

Taurus - Five of Cups

You cannot undo the past, what has happened, has happened. Let go of what is no longer serving you and open yourself up to the new possibilities available to you. Take some risks and open up your heart in a way that you never have before. If you have had some setbacks lately, know that things will get better once you start to embrace the exciting and creative side to life again. Oracle card - Surrender.

Gemini - Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands often signals air travel, therefore now would be the perfect time for you to take a holiday Gemini. If going out of the country isn't possible for you, make sure to take some time away from work and relax for a while, even if you're at home. Don't feel guilty for taking time off, we all need a break every now and then. Try not to think about the things that are getting you down. Oracle card - Strength.

Cancer - Nine of Swords

Secrets are often necessary, but they can also tear people apart Cancerian. Think about whether your secrets are worth telling or not. If they have been playing on your mind recently, it may be best to share them with someone you trust. However, if you think they may hurt someone, then any chance of them finding out probably isn't worth it. Only you know what the right thing to do is. Oracle card - Cleanse.

Leo - Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups symbolises divine love and shows stability making its way to you. Having a rainbow in the card signals happiness after a tough time and is a sign that everything is going to be okay. This card is full of emotional fulfilment and wants you to accept the love coming your way. Enjoy this beautiful time of your life, as there is magic all around. Oracle card - Confidence.

Virgo - Ace of Swords

This card is a sign of encouragement! It is saying that your mind is ready to open up to new experiences. You are embracing the new ideas coming to you and want to start learning new skills. Drawing on your creative abilities is important to you at the moment and you are getting excited about what the future may bring. Use your inspiration and original thinking to create the life you want. Oracle card - Success.

Libra - Ace of Wands

Inspiration is your key word this week Libra! Something is inspiring you to get creative and look at the world in a different way. Hold this feeling close to you and run with your imagination. Do what excites you and don't overthink too much. Go deeper down your inspiration rabbit hole and remember all of the amazing things you have ahead of you. You are only at the beginning. Oracle card - Hunger.

Scorpio - The Hierophant

Spiritual wisdom is very important Scorpio and can be interpreted in different ways. Whether you believe in a higher power or not, getting in touch with something that you can't see or touch is valuable to your overall wellbeing. Have faith in the universe and know that if something doesn't feel right, then you aren't at the end of your story yet. Trust that you know what you're doing. Oracle card - Flow.

Sagittarius - The Moon

Using your intuition is very important to you Sagittarius. You know that there are so many great things in your life that wouldn't have happened if you didn't use your intuition to guide you. If something doesn't feel right, trust that it isn't. You know yourself better than anyone else, so make sure to listen to your gut before you take on anyone else's opinions. Oracle card - Movement.

Capricorn - The Magician

Manifestation is the all important first step to accomplishing you goals Capricorn! Don't push yourself to get out there and make things happen straight away, as sometimes the best things in life are the ones that take time. Prepare yourself for what is to come. It's going to be here sooner than you think, so make sure you feel ready. Manifest all that you want from your life. Oracle card - Rest.

Aquarius - Knight of Cups

Creativity is what's keeping you going at the moment Aquarius! Use your creativity to the fullest and have fun tapping into this side of yourself. Coming up with creative solutions to problems is what people count on you for anyway, so the next step is to use this skill for your advantage. Get creative and have fun with it. There is so much you can do with

your unique way of looking at the world. Oracle card - Rejection.

Pisces - Nine of Pentacles + Page of Swords

This week you are going to need two cards Pisces! There are two key words for you this week, and they are luxury and curiosity. These cards are showing that your adventurous spirit is going to serve you well and will guide you towards the best places. Go wherever your heart is telling you and enjoy the indulgences you find along the way. There is so much ahead of you. Oracle card - Isolation.

By Pia Louisa

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