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Weekly Horoscope

It's weekly horoscope time! The oracle cards being used for this reading are The Sacred Self-Care Oracle. Now we are deep into Leo season, this is the time to be bold, confident, and self-assured. With only a week left of this fiery sign surrounding us, remember to embrace your individuality, go after your goals, and take the risks you have been putting off.

Aries - Five of Swords

Competition can cause stress, but it can also be a great way of pushing yourself to be your very best Aries. If you have been feeling like you are constantly having to fight for your place in your home/workplace/relationship, figure out whether you are willing to put up with this feeling, or if you would prefer an easier time. Try not to compete with other people, try to compete with yourself. Oracle card - Connect with Fire.

Taurus - Ace of Wands

An emerging idea is making its way to the forefront of your mind Taurus. Use your creativity the best you can and act on this new idea. Something has inspired you and has led you to think in a new and exciting way. Take your time and work on this idea until you feel comfortable showcasing it to other people. Trust your abilities and have faith in your actions. Oracle card - Clear Your Energy Field.

Gemini - King of Swords

Mental clarity is leading you to make some well thought out decisions Gemini. Your mind has been cleared of all the negative thoughts that have been holding you back, and you are now able to be at peace with your own intellect. Try not to let anyone else's negative opinions cloud your mind and instead focus on your own thoughts and wellbeing. Oracle card - Family.

Cancer - Three of Cups

Collaborations with friends/family/colleagues are helping you achieve your goals Cancerian. Make sure to trust the people around you and have faith that others can help make life easier. Don't suffer in silence, instead ask for assistance when you need it. Whether it be at home or at work, draw on the skills of the people who want to help and support you. Oracle card - Read.

Leo - Knight of Cups

Your charm and charisma are traits to use to your advantage Leo. People like you for your ability to enchant a room and entertain anyone you meet. Enjoy this time in your life and let your captivating personality intrigue your friends and family. There is so much you have to offer and you will start to notice just how many people are drawn to your alluring nature. Oracle card - Watch a Movie.

Virgo - Three of Pentacles

Collaboration is a key word for you this week Virgo. It can be difficult to get a job done all by yourself and asking for help is definitely not a weakness. Make sure to allow your friends, family, and colleagues to assist you on your journey. The people around you are likely to have skills and abilities that you may need, so make sure to listen to what they have to say and draw on their experience. Oracle card - Sound Healing.

Libra - The Lovers

Relationships are incredibly important to you Libra and when they don't work out it can leave you feeling more heartbroken than most. Focus on your relationships with the people you can count on. Certain people come in and out of your life for a reason, but there are only a handful that will be there for the long run. Celebrate your relationships with the people who are important to you. Oracle card - Dance.

Scorpio - The Tower

A personal transformation is making itself known to you Scorpio! You are becoming a completely different person to who you used to be and are embracing the changes happening to you. If you look back at your life, you will see how much you have changed over the years. Be proud of all that you have achieved and look to the future at the person you are becoming. Oracle card - Sing.

Sagittarius - Four of Swords

The Four of Swords indicates that you need to take some time out to rest and recharge. You may be working long hours, constantly helping those in need, or involved in a stressful situation. Be careful, as you might end up feeling so exhausted that you won't be of any use to anyone, especially not yourself. Take some much-needed rest before you burn-out completely. Oracle card - Rest.

Capricorn - Eight of Cups

Escapism is a wonderful way to distract yourself from stressful situations Capricorn. Work out whether you need to face an issue head-on, and if you don't, then allow yourself to be swept away by exciting entertainment that will help you recharge your batteries. There's no shame in enjoying escapism, we all need it in order to live a happy life. Oracle card - Make an Alter.

Aquarius - The Hermit

In this card, the Hermit stands by himself on top of a mountain. The snow beneath him symbolises his growth and accomplishments. You have chosen the path of self-discovery and are becoming a more enlightened person in the process. Your self-awareness is at its peak and you are beginning to understand what life is really about. Spiritual mastery is something that you are exploring. Oracle card - Massage.

Pisces - King of Cups

The King of Cups floats on a block in the middle of a turbulent sea. On his right, a fish jumps out of the water, and on his left, a ship sails steadily despite the rocky waves. This shows that you are learning to stay calm in stressful situations and have the ability to honour your emotions and impulses without being overwhelmed by them. You keep your power and control while also staying balanced. Oracle card - Health Check-up.

By Pia Louisa

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