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Weekly Horoscope

It's time for your weekly horoscope! The oracle cards being used today are The Sacred Self-Care Oracle deck. Let's see what the cards have to say for you...

Aries - Four of Cups

A lack of interest in doing anything is making life a bit trickier for you at the moment Aries. Finding a hobby that makes you feel happy is something you may need to focus on. Find a passion that makes you feel alive! Allow your enthusiasm to take over and don't let apathy win. Place importance on your overall wellbeing and have fun discovering your interests. Oracle card - Drink Tea.

Taurus - Eight of Wands

Everything seems to be lining up quite nicely at the moment Taurus! Life may have seemed a bit of a struggle in recent times, but some adjustments have taken place and you are now able to see how your life is sorting itself out. Everything is working out how it is meant to, which hopefully means that your worries about the future are slowly disappearing. Oracle card - Make an Alter.

Gemini - Page of Swords

It seems you are working at quite a fast pace at the moment Gemini, and the Page of Swords is telling you to slow down a bit. You may think that you have to get everything done in a hurry, but know that you have time and everything will still be there waiting for you once you've had a rest. Working so hard and so fast may lead to mistakes, so take your time and enjoy the moment. Oracle card - Journal.

Cancer - Nine of Wands

Resilience is your word for the week Cancerian! You are stronger than you realise and have put up with a lot in life, yet have somehow remained grounded and capable. There are still things you are going to have to deal with in the future, but you know based on the past that you can get through anything. You can handle all the ups and downs that life has to offer. Oracle card - Write a Gratitude List.

Leo - The Hierophant

This card literally jumped out of the deck for you! The Hierophant is the masculine partner of The High Priestess. He is a teacher who is ready to impart his wisdom to those who will listen. Share your insights and experiences with the people who could use some help. The Hierophant is also associated with Taurus, so make sure to connect with any Taurus' in your life. Oracle card - Family.

Virgo - Nine of Pentacles

Self-worth is something that we explore throughout our whole lives, and it is a subject you may need to think about at the moment Virgo. How would you define your self-worth? What do you feel like you're worthy of? Know that the way you treat yourself is also the way you allow others to treat you. Search deep within and figure out whether you need to be kinder to yourself. Oracle card - Music.

Libra - Strength

Raw emotion is making its way to the surface Libra and it's not something to shy away from. You may be experiencing feelings that you can't control just yet, as they haven't developed properly. The only way to truly understand how you are feeling is to go through these emotions and get to the other side. Be wild and let your emotional spirit run free. Oracle card - Connect with Fire.

Scorpio - The World

The World card shows a naked woman inside a wreath, covered with purple cloth. Her head is looking back at the past, while her body is focussing on the future. She carries two batons in her hands, just like The Magician. This shows that what you once manifested is now coming to fruition. You may be coming to an end of one journey, but you are about to start another. Oracle card - Beauty Ritual.

Sagittarius - The High Priestess

Sacred knowledge is making itself known to you Sagittarius. This just means that you are now realising ways to get yourself out of your funk and into the light again. Sacred knowledge is wisdom that makes sense to you and may not make sense to others. If this knowledge helps you feel better about your life, then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Oracle card - Build Strength.

Capricorn - Five of Swords

Disagreements may be coming to the surface Capricorn. If there are people you are finding yourself disagreeing with, figure out if these relationships are worth keeping. You may be able to keep them in your life if you find ways to not bring up the subjects you hold different opinions on. At the end of the day, everyone has different beliefs and points of view, therefore it's all about living peacefully together. Oracle card - Read.

Aquarius - Knight of Cups

Beauty is incredibly important to you Aquarius and you need to be surrounded by it. When you find yourself stuck in a place where you have nothing to admire you may begin to feel sombre and wishing you were exploring new beautiful areas. Try to find the beauty in wherever you are and make sure to decorate your home full of the things that bring you joy. Oracle card - Sex.

Pisces - The Lovers

Having harmony in your life is extremely important to you Pisces. You can feel when things are off and know that you must find a way to find peace once again. Having a calm and serene environment where you can unwind and rest is something that you must do. Make sure to place importance on taking care of the harmony in your life and allowing it to blossom. Oracle card - Movement.

By Pia Louisa

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