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Weekly Horoscope

Your weekly horoscope is back this week and here to get you ready for the fabulous month of September. The oracle cards being used this week are the Starcodes Astro Oracle. Let's get started!

Aries - Queen of Wands

Your self-confidence in regards to a project or situation in your life needs a little boost Aries. Something has happened that has made you feel like you are not worthy of being right or getting the success that you deserve. Self-confidence starts from within, so make sure to work on yourself from the inside before you go out to seek validation from other people. It all comes from you! Oracle card - Neptune = Vision.

Taurus - Ten of Wands

Your hard work is paying off Taurus, but you may need to keep going a little bit longer. You have clearly made some big changes to your life and have been working as hard as possible to create your dream outcome. Know that this has all been worth it and that there will be a time in the future when you can relax a bit more. For now, carry on and keep working hard. Oracle card - Vesta = Hearth.

Gemini - Page of Cups

The Page of Cups says that a new creative idea has come to you out of nowhere! Your creative energy is better than ever and now you must ask yourself how you want to express it. Do you want to see this new idea through, or tell someone else and let them bring it to fruition? Don't act fast, instead take some time to think if you want to move forward with this idea. Oracle card - Pluto = Rebirth.

Cancer - Two of Cups

Unified love is all around you Cancerian! This is a beautiful card to receive and is showing how you are in a partnership with someone you care about deeply and know you can rely on. Spend some time with your loved ones and appreciate the fact you have found someone you feel at peace with. The love you share in your life is wonderful and magical. Oracle card - Solar Flares = Activate.

Leo - Queen of Swords

Make sure that your judgement is unbiased at the moment Leo, as this is hugely important to your friendships succeeding. People feel like they can come to you to talk about anything that is going on in their lives, therefore it is up to you to help them feel safe and secure telling you these things. Don't judge anyone before you have heard the whole story from them. Oracle card - Dignified = Strength.

Virgo - Five of Swords

Competition seems to be surrounding you at the moment Virgo and can sneakily be getting you down. You may be comparing yourself to other people and letting that nagging voice in the back of your head win. Remember, everyone does things in their own time and there is no point being in competition with someone else. The only person you should be competing with is yourself. Oracle card - Chiron = Heal.

Libra - Five of Cups

You may feel like personal setbacks are stopping you from achieving your goals at the moment Libra, however, these setbacks are actually here to teach you valuable lessons. Don't get frustrated by the fact that you are being thrown curveballs, instead embrace these obstacles and work out creative ways to get past them. You are going to learn so much from this time. Oracle card - Retrograde = Review.

Scorpio - Three of Cups

Independence is incredibly important to you Scorpio and now is the time to fully embrace this. Do all the things you've been wanting to do for a while now and make sure to really take advantage of the opportunities coming your way. Be by yourself for a while, or take the day to just do what you want to do without pressure from others. Live your life for you. Oracle card - Third House = Communication.

Sagittarius - Seven of Pentacles

Perseverance is your word for this week Sagittarius! If things don't seem to be going the way you had hoped for, have faith and know that if you keep going it will all work out okay. Don't give up. If one way hasn't worked out, try a different method. Get creative and know that it's okay to feel drained. As long as you keep going, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Oracle card - Ascendant = Entrance.

Capricorn - The Chariot

It seems like you have some form of opposition in your life at the moment Capricorn. Something or someone is stopping you from achieving your goals and it is getting you down. Push past this and know that at the end of the day, no one can stop you from doing what you want. Find solutions to these obstacles and remember to be yourself in the process. Oracle card - Libra = Balance.

Aquarius - Five of Wands

Conflict avoidance is something that you have to deal with regularly Aquarius and can sometimes become a burden, especially when you want to unwind. This isn't something that you can stay away from, therefore the best thing for you to do is find ways to forget about the stressful aspects of your life. You can't stop people from being angry, but you can find ways to make yourself feel better. Oracle card - Twelfth House = Introspection.

Pisces - Nine of Swords

It seems nightmares have been keeping you up at night Pisces. Even though this isn't nice to go through, there's no need to worry, as all it's saying is that you are stressing about something in your life. The only way you will get a proper night's sleep is if you consciously work on your emotions. Oracle card - Square/Semi-Square/Quincunx = Tension.

By Pia Louisa

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