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Weekly Horoscope

Let's see when the cards have in store for you this spooky week!

Aries - Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands shows eight wands flying through the air at a speed. The sky is a clear blue and there is a calm river flowing in the background, showing that there is more to the picture than the wands. This card is telling you to realise that there is more than anger to a situation. Focus on the calm aspects of yourself instead of the impulsive heated ones. Don't let your actions get the better of you.

Taurus - Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles shows that you are placing too much value on your material possessions. You think your self-worth is defined by how much money you're making and how fancy your home looks. You must remember that there is so much more in life to enjoy. It can be stressful only focussing on what you must have to remain at a high profile, so just enjoy being you and don't worry too much about material things.

Gemini - The Emperor

This card shows the Emperor wearing a red robe, symbolising his passion for life and his power. He has a long white beard, showing the wisdom he has gained over the years and he is wearing a gold crown, which shows he is an authoritative person who wants to be paid attention to. Stand strong Gemini and know that your beliefs will be heard. Do what you know is right and others will soon follow.

Cancer - Two of Cups

This card is telling you that you are about to enter a new relationship with someone, whether it be a romantic one, friendship, or business partner. This will be someone you'll be on the same wave length with and you will both appreciate what the other person can do. Sometimes your emotions can get a bit out of control, so make sure to keep and eye on them.

Leo - Five of Cups

The Five of Cups shows a man in a long black robe looking at three cups that have been knocked over. This symbolises his failures and everything he is disappointed with. Don't focus on the negatives Leo. There are no such things as mistakes as long as you learn from them. Pick yourself back up and do something that is guaranteed to make you feel good.

Virgo - The Empress

The Empress shows a beautiful woman with goddess like features, blonde hair and a calm aura. Her robe is decorated with pomegranates, which symbolise fertility and she is sitting on cushions and comfortable materials. She is all about embracing your feminine energy and remaining peaceful. Don't charge in full steam ahead, go about you situation with grace and elegance.

Libra - Eight of Swords

Be open to new perspectives Libra. It can sometimes seem as if you are a bit closed minded and don't stray from your daily routine and the people you know. Take a chance and say yes to something you wouldn't normally do. There is a whole world out there waiting for you and once you open your mind to all that it has to offer, you'll be an even more fun and interesting person. Keep and eye on your thoughts.

Scorpio - Justice

Justice is telling you that you need to make an important choice that may have long-term effects. Connect with you mind and soul to come to the right decision and ask for the right answer. Ask yourself 'Is this the right decision for me and do I believe in my choice?'. Whatever you decide, trust that it is the correct decision and don't forget to trust yourself.

Sagittarius - The World

The World can mean being frustrated when there is a delay in finishing your projects. You need to get creative to find another way to complete this task. Doing things the typical structured way has never really been you, so it is well within your capabilities to find an artistic solution to your problems. Embrace your weird side, as that's what is going to get you far.

Capricorn - Nine of Pentacles

All that you need to do right now Cap is increase your self-confidence. Practise some much needed self-love. Remember that you are enough and you are amazing! Sometimes you can forget that right this second, you are perfect. Don't get caught up in the what ifs. You are right where you need to be and everything you want is out there when the time is right.

Aquarius - King of Swords

The King of Swords can represent someone charming, intelligent and a bit of a show off. The person in this card may represent you or someone you know, but either way, you must be careful as this King may be captivating, but he is up to no good. If you know someone like this, be wary as they aren't the type to stay friends with you if there is no possible gain for them.

Pisces - Page of Cups

All Pages in tarot want us to explore an aspect of ourselves and the Page of Cups wants you Pisces to explore your emotional side. Dreams about the future may begin to race across your mind and you will begin to get moved by the smallest of things. It's ok to be vulnerable and let your emotions take over from time to time. Dig deep and let your beautiful emotions shine through.

By Pia Louisa

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