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Weekly Tarot

Tarot time! Let's focus our minds and figure out what the cards have in store for us. As you know, each card is allocated to a specific star sign. Let's get right to it.

Aries - The World

Has travel been on your mind lately Aries? Something within you is either saying you must take a break and get away somewhere new, or it is a warning that you must not go too far. Take some time and figure out what is best for you to do.

Taurus - The Tower

The truth has come to light. Things that you thought to be true have suddenly revealed themselves to be illusions. It can feel sudden and be confusing to have to deal with this, but what you now know is the reality and is honest.

Gemini - Strength

You have the strength and confidence to get through your situation Gemini. Feel that fear and know that you can overcome it. You may have to handle the uneasiness of this circumstance right now, but you will make it to the other end.

Cancer - Five of Wands

Change is going to happen whether you like it or not. Your job now is to make sure that everyone else involved around you can cope as well. Some people might not be on the same page as you, so you must be the one to create a plan that suits you all.

Leo - The Emperor

This card shows a mountain range and a river flowing behind the Emperor. Just like this card Leo, you have a tough side and a soft emotional side. Use both of these skills to your advantage and face any challenges with decisiveness and sensitivity.

Virgo - Page of Pentacles

You have been thinking about a new project or business idea Virgo, although you do not feel ready for it to see the light of day just yet. When you do feel prepared for it to happen, know that you have everything you need and have put in the effort for it to work.

Libra - Five of Cups

Self-forgiveness is key for you Libra. Something has happened in the past that you know wasn't your fault, yet you still haven't forgiven yourself for it. Whether it was at work or a family matter, take some time to stop blaming yourself for other people's mistakes.

Scorpio - Page of Swords

You are full of energy and enthusiasm Scorpio! A brand new idea has been circulating in your head for a while now and you are super excited for it. Keep this energy up and carry on pursuing things that you are passionate about.

Sagittarius - The High Priestess

This card shows the High Priestess sitting in front of a vale decorated with pomegranates. The vale symbolises the conscious and the subconscious and how you are able to see beyond what is just in front of you. The pomegranates symbolise abundance and feminine energy, as they are cherished by Persephone who ate them in the underworld.

Capricorn - Ace of Swords

Consider this a sign of encouragement Cap. You thrive on fresh and exciting opportunities and are jumping at the chance to learn something new. Find things that spark enthusiasm within you and that you really are interested in.

Aquarius - Justice

Justice shows a person carrying a double edged sword in one hand, symbolising that our actions have consequences. In their other hand, they are carrying some scales, symbolising their impartiality. Justice is saying that you know the risks of a situation and must look at it with a fair perspective.

Pisces - Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles is showing that you are giving to others, but they are not returning the favour. It may feel as though helping them was a waste of time, but you have now learnt how to deal with them in the future. Next time offer something else and ask for something you know they can give in return.

By Pia Talbot

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