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Weekly Tarot

It's tarot time and it feels like we all need a reading at the moment! There is always a deeper meaning behind every card, so take this time to look at your card and see what you connect to. Let's get straight to it.

Aries - Two of Pentacles

Adapting to what is going on around you has been difficult lately Aries. There is a lot happening and juggling multiple priorities can be very tough. People may be pulling you in different directions, but only you are able to balance you life accordingly.

Taurus - Six of Pentacles

Giving out favours to everyone is not in your best interest Taurus. Many people won't be able to repay the favour and it might become overwhelming for you. For now, only give what you know you can get back and be careful over who you give your time to. Bonus tip - keep going with what you are doing at work, your efforts are starting to pay off.

Gemini - Seven of Swords

Things aren't happening as fast as you would like at the moment Gemini. Sometimes things just need a little bit of patience, but in this case, it's time to find another way. Look at your situation with an alternative approach and try to resolve the problem with a different mindset.

Cancer - Five of Wands

There are people around you with different opinions and that are from different backgrounds. This is your opportunity to learn from them. Instead of arguing about what you believe is right and wrong, realise that these people have a unique way of looking at the world and it may benefit you to truly listen to what they have to say. Bonus tip - carry on taking action with what you enjoy in life. Find out more about the Five of Wands here.

Leo - Three of Wands

Upcoming obstacles may be on their way to you Leo. Take some time to prepare for any challenges that lie ahead and look to the future to make decisions about what you want to do. Bonus tip - do some more research on the Three of Wands, as this card comes up often for you.

Virgo - Eight of Cups

You are being rather indecisive Virgo. Yes, making tough decision can be difficult, however don't use excuses to put off making them. Sometimes you do need to walk away from things and there is no shame in making it a final choice.

Libra - King of Pentacles

You are feeling confident and successful when it comes to your future Libra. There are many opportunities around you for growth and you are doing very well spotting them. Use your self-control to keep a tight grip on this success.

Scorpio - Page of Swords

The Page of Swords shows a young man holding a sword, yet he is looking in the opposite direction, indicating that there is more around him that is happening. There is a strong breeze that is blowing through his hair and the ground beneath him is green, meaning that the energy the Page brings, is a positive one.

Sagittarius - Page of Pentacles

This card is a message of a new creative project. Pentacles symbolise material possessions and it is showing you now having an awareness of what is it you wish for. Manifest what you want and start to believe your dreams can become a reality.

Capricorn - Temperance

Keep calm Cap! Life can seem stressful and overwhelming at times, but make sure your emotions don't get the better of you. Remain patient and know that staying calm is what will help you achieve all the goals you wish for in life.

Aquarius - Strength

You have a strong influence over those around you Aquarius. It is common for you to think that no one is listening or valuing your opinion, but secretly they are hoping for your advice. Know that you are needed and remember to give the best guidance you can at all times.

Pisces - The Hierophant

This card is calling you to tap into your spirituality. You have it within you, but have been neglecting it for a while. Create your own traditions and also value the time you have with your family. Explore your spiritual side as much as you can.

By Pia Talbot

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