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Weekly Tarot

For this week, we're going to do something a little bit different. Each zodiac sign has a tarot card associated with it. Today, let's delve in a little deeper as to why these cards correlate with their star signs.

Aries - The Emperor

Aries is a fire sign which brings decisiveness and independence. The Emperor is the father figure of the tarot and is rules by the planet Mars. The reason why this card represents Aries, is that it highlights their honesty and shows that they sometimes have aggressive tendencies. The Emperor tells us that Aries can be wonderful leaders, as long as they don't let their explosive emotions get in the way! Bonus card - The Tower.

Taurus - The Hierophant

Hierophant is the Greek word for 'high priest' and he can be described as the spiritual teacher of the tarot. The Hierophant embodies management and offers guidance to those that need it. This card highlights how Taurus are expert creators and wish to leave their mark on the world. The Hierophant is a slow card, which works perfectly for Taurus as they love to take their sweet time!

Gemini - The Lovers

Gemini is described as having a dual nature, which is symbolised perfectly by The Lovers. Geminis can often struggle with deciding whether to take the high road or low road. The Lovers asks you to really think carefully about what you want and to make decisions based upon your principles. Choose the positive side of your personality instead of the negative.

Cancer - The Chariot

Cancerians love new beginnings and moving forward and The Chariot represents determination and initiative. Cancerians are very observant and like to wait until they feel ready to make their move. They are very motherly and protective of people they love, as well as themselves. This is shown in The Chariot, as he is wearing full body armour, which is a symbol of protection.

Leo - Strength

Although Leos are a fire sign, they do have the ability to control their emotions, showing their inner strength. This card represents Leos delicate nature and how they are sensitive with a tough shell. In Strength, a woman is showing that she is graceful, yet powerful as she is able to tame the lion. Leos are full of fire, but Strength demonstrates the calm side of their personality.

Virgo - The Hermit

The Hermit represents the journey that Virgo has to go through. The choices that you make are decided by your dreams and The Hermit is telling you to reflect on what you really want. You are very knowledgeable, but also feel the most comfortable when you have the space to do what you want. You are constantly searching for your calling, but need to search within yourself for the answers.

Libra - Justice

Libras wish for balance and equality for all of society, so Justice is the perfect card for them! Libras values the truth and want a just and fair life. Justice is a card all about harmony, which really is the key word of Libra. It also symbolises change, which is something Libras can struggle with as they view it as disrupting their journey. Libras must remember that the world is full of good and bad and that justice will prevail. Bonus card - The Empress.

Scorpio - Death

Death is one of the most powerful cards of the tarot, symbolising transformation. You give off sensual and mysterious vibes, but are able to transform into whoever you want to be. Death is telling you to try and become the best version of yourself and to embrace the space given to you to evolve.

Sagittarius - Temperance

Temperance shows both the masculine and feminine qualities of Sagittarius. It is telling you to remember that balance and patience are important and that concentrating will serve your greater good. When Sagittarius are at their best they exude peace and harmony, which is what Temperance is all about. As their energy is very strong, they sometimes need to focus on stability and security. Bonus card - Knight of Wands.

Capricorn - The Devil

At first, The Devil shows how Capricorns can be negative and view the world in a pessimistic manner. However, being ruled by Saturn, Capricorns must be put in situations to help them grow as people. This is one of the most positive things they can do. The Devil also symbolises spirituality and how it can be more important than material possessions. Bonus card - Ace of Pentacles.

Aquarius - The Star

The Star is all about hope for the future. Aquarius has a mixture of spirituality and stability, which is demonstrated by The Star. Aquarius love to stand out! You will never see them blending in with the crowd and the bright yellow star in the card is a clear indication of this. Aquarius prefer to listen to their own inner guidance, than listen to others telling them what to do.

Pisces - The Moon

As the dreamers of the zodiac, this card is perfect for you! The Moon is all about creativity and instinct and with both a dog and a wolf howling at the moon, we see that you have both tame and wild sides to your personality. When in a relationship, you desire emotional support. Someone helping you fix a table isn't what you need, you want to know you have someone there for you when you go through a tough time emotionally.

By Pia Talbot

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