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What Does Your Favourite Colour Say About You?

We all have a favourite colour, so let's see what it says about our personalities!


If your favourite colour is black, power is important to you. You may be conservative and traditional, as black is quite a restrictive colour. You sometimes seem quite intimidating to friends and people you work with as you have a demanding attitude. You don't like to show your emotions too much and prefer to keep a distance between yourself and others.


If your favourite colour is orange, you have an optimistic personality and a warm heart. You are a determined person, but are not aggressive as you have a light-hearted energy. People who love orange are the life of the party and also enjoy organising social events. They are performers that enjoy socialising and are very charming, although they can sometimes be show-offs!


If your favourite colour is yellow, you are a happy person who is always fun to be around. You can be very critical of yourself and of others as you are a bit of a perfectionist. You are quite impulsive and rush to make decisions which can end up causing you some anxiety. Your prefer to work your mind rather than your body and use your spontaneity to your advantage.


If your favourite colour is white, you are an innocent person who feels complete with their life. You have an angelic aura and like the feeling of being safe in a happy home. You like to declutter and enjoy having fresh beginnings. However, sometimes you let your sadness get the better of you. You are someone that has interesting dreams and need a beautiful zen-like environment.


If your favourite colour is red, you are a confident and brave person. You like to be the centre of attention and others are drawn to your excitement for life. You are ambitious and like to win. You must feel like you're achieving. You're practical and grounded and need to feel respect from others. You are passionate and enthusiastic and know that one day you will achieve your goals.


If your favourite colour is pink, you are loving, generous and sensitive to what others need. You are a nurturer and like to be nurtured in return. As you care for other people so much, you sometimes forget to take care of yourself. You are very romantic and sensual. You are organised, although you can sometimes be a bit airy. You are a sweet person who appreciates the beauty in the world.


If your favourite colour is green, you are a practical person who loves nature. You are kind and compassionate and good in a crisis as you have the ability to stay calm. You are also very smart and love to learn new things. You are a social person and need to feel as if you belong. That is why you have no problem joining new social groups. You are a moral person who always wants to do the right thing.


If your favourite colour is brown, you are a wholesome, honest and grounded person. You are friendly and easy to approach. You like to be at home and being close to friends and family is very important to you. You are extremely loyal and a trustworthy friend. You are a sensual person with a warm aura. You are a hard-worker and very reliable. You're not a perfectionist, but like your life to be in order.


If your favourite colour is blue, you are a creative person with great concentration. You need stimulation and must have mental clarity. You are a good worker and can easily relax. You have a strong connection to the sea and like warm summer days. You are a confident person and trustworthy amongst your friends. You like to stand out and show a calm authority.


If your favourite colour is purple, you are a sensitive and supportive person who likes to feel needed. If someone hurts you, it really gets to you, although you would never want to show your bad emotions. You are very charismatic and have an intriguing energy. You're a creative person and like to be an individual. You spend a lot of time in a fantasy world, but don't care what others think.

By Pia Louisa

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