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What Phase Of The Moon Were You Born On?

We all know what our star signs are and some of us know what our moon signs are, but do you know what the phase of the moon was on the day you were born? Today we will be exploring what each moon phase means for you and also what your moon sign is. To find out what your moon phase and moon sign are, click here!

Born on a New Moon

Being born on a New Moon, also known as a Dark Moon, is when the Moon looks like it is at it's weakest. Being born on a New Moon is when the Sun and Moon are lined up perfectly, meaning that your Sun and Moon signs are the same. You don't let conflict bother you too much and love trying new things. You have a childlike wonder and curiosity for the world.

Born on a Waxing Crescent

People born on a Waxing Crescent are adventurous and a joy to be around. However, they tend to cling to the past and stay in their comfort zone. It is important for people born on this Moon to be more courageous and independent. They must accept that failure and pain can sometimes happen when you take a risk. This is the time of the month when the Moon is getting brighter each day.

Born on a First Quarter

A First Quarter Moon is when the Moon is 50% illuminated and isn't very common to be born on. People born on a First Quarter Moon love a challenge and the more difficult the challenge is, the more excited they become! They are the types of people others turn to when they need to get something done. However, they can sometimes cause drama and find it difficult letting things go.

Born on a Waxing Gibbous

A Waxing Gibbous is just before a Full Moon. People born on this Moon are great in relationships and guide and inspire people to reach their fullest potential. They are perfectionists and know how to become the best versions of themselves. However, they have to remember to keep their perfectionism in check. They excel at developing friendships with people they care about.

Born on a Full Moon

People born on a Full Moon have no limits! They have so many great personality traits. Nothing seems too unconventional to them, so they have the best chance at achieving their dreams. They sometimes find it difficult choosing whether to listen to their head or their heart, but they bring light to people's lives and make them feel energised when they're around them.

Born on a Waning Gibbous

The Waning Gibbous is the first phase after the Full Moon. People born on this Moon are often wise beyond their years and easily learn from their experiences. They are driven to learn and teach, but they must understand that not all people want to learn like they do. Others may get frustrated with them, as they often talk too much about themselves.

Born on a Third Quarter (Last Quarter)

People born on a Third Quarter hold onto the past, but they do it out of love. They get deeply attached to things, which can sometimes mean that they find it difficult to move on when they need to. Others may find them rude, but this is only because they are often in their own little worlds, or laughing at jokes only they find funny! They must understand how to learn from the past so they don't repeat mistakes.

Born on a Waning Crescent

The Waning crescent is the last Moon phase. People born on this Moon are connected to their spiritual side and have a very active imagination. They are extremely mystical, however other people often find them too eccentric. They are very wise and give great advice. This is when the Moon is getting less bright every day, so people born on this Moon have a dark side!

By Pia Louisa

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