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What The Planets Mean In Your Birth chart

When exploring your birth chart, you get a zodiac sign assigned to each planet in your chart. Today we will be looking at what your most important 5 planets mean to help you analyse your birth chart better.


Your Sun sign is your main zodiac sign and is the source of hope and light in your birth chart. As it is your main sign, it shows your purpose in life and who you aspire to be. It determines your strongest personality traits and controls the conscious mind. We turn to our Sun sign when we need to make a decision and is there when we need motivation.


Your Moon sign is another one of the most important signs in your chart. It represents your emotional side and your intuition. Your Moon sign also symbolises your relationship with your main maternal figure in your life, as well as how you care for others. If you understand your Moon sign, you will get to know your feelings on a deeper level.


Mercury is the planet of communication, intellect and memory. Your Mercury sign shows what kind of a communicator you are, for example, if you're a texter, if you like to plan, or if you like to go with the flow. Mercury is the planet that controls the mind and helps us make sense of the world around us. Your Mercury sign helps you connect your mind with how you communicate.


Venus is the planet of love and beauty. It represents how we love others and ourselves. Your Venus sign says what your style of love is, for example, how you show affection, how you flirt and how you fall in love. If you want to work out if your partner is compatible with you, compare your Venus signs! Your Venus sign is all about pleasure, romance and self-love.


Your Mars sign is what makes you tick and what gets you all fired up. It represents what makes you angry and how you express that anger. It asks you to figure out what you truly desire and how you go about getting what you want. Your Mars sign will show your basic animal nature, what makes you aggressive, how you express your sensuality, and what you are driven to do.

By Pia Louisa

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