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What To Do If You Feel Stuck

Christmas is nearly here and none of us want the festive season to be ruined by us feeling as if we are stuck. Feeling stuck can mean that we feel trapped in a time that we want to get out of. There's no shame in feeling stuck, it happens to the best of us, all we can do is try and figure out a way to unstick ourselves!


One of our first instincts as people when we are not feeling quite ourselves is to panic. This is surely not the time to have to do that. Considering the year we've all had, it will be pretty normal to feel stuck at the moment. Remember that you are not the only one who feels this way and there is no need to panic, as there is always a quick solution to get you out of your malaise.

Don't Fight It

Being stuck is not a bad thing, if anything it's a great sign from the body. We are being told that something is not quite right and we need to do something to make ourselves feel better. Sometimes, time is all you need to get over this feeling, but occasionally, you need to do something to change this feeling. Get out of the house, come up with a new work idea. Don't pretend nothing's wrong as that is when the feeling will get worse.


A reason for feeling stuck can sometimes be not having enough excitement in your life and with the year we've had, this is certainly not uncommon. With Christmas coming up, getting excited for the special day can get you out of feeling stuck, but if it's still a little bit too far away, then find something else to get you excited. Watch a movie, eat some nice food, anything to make you feel something other than nothing.


We can't help being negative sometimes. Even the most positive of people have moments of doubt, but the worst part of having negative thoughts is us trying not to change them. Feeling doubtful of the future and overwhelmed from the past all contribute to feeling stuck in the present. Twist these thoughts upside down and focus on changing the now.

Your Best Is Yet To Come

If you are feeling stuck now, it doesn't mean that you will feel stuck forever. Your best is always yet to come. Feel positive for the future, make yourself get excited and surrender to the now. No one else can change the way you feel, so start with the little things and build yourself back up. There is no time better to be hopeful for the future then now. The bravest thing you can be is optimistic.

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