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What Your Birth Season Says About You

Each season shows a different personality trait to people. Let's find out what it says about you!


People born in summer have a great internal clock. They are robust and like to be organised. People born on summer solstice are even more like this than others! People born in summer are less likely to suffer from sadness than people born in the other seasons. They are great at adapting to their surroundings, but they also are the most likely to have mood swings.


People born in autumn need balance in their lives. They do have a tendency to be irritable, but they have a great personality that others find tough to resist. When they set their minds to something, it will be accomplished! They aren't the types to forget when someone has wronged them and have an amazing work ethic. They can sometimes be quite fragile and take what others say to heart.


People born in winter have great brain power! They love to study and take pleasure in doing intellectual activities. Winter people are very cheerful and don't get irritable too easily. They are good at following instructions and have a curious nature. People born in winter are not to be messed with, as they think highly of themselves and won't let other people tell them otherwise.


People born in spring have sunny personalities and often find their greatest pleasures later in life. They have a happy effect on people and have a brighter outlook than most. People born in spring have a glass-half-full mentality, but are the most likely to suffer when their heart gets broken. They are great at making smart choices and are always coming up with new creative ideas.

Christmas Day

People born on Christmas Day have extraordinary personalities! They are interested in the alternative and other people feel a change in themselves after having a conversation with them. They are angels in disguise, but are unlikely to stay calm in stressful situations. They should be proud of themselves, as they are always there for their friends and family.


People born on Halloween are ruled by both Pluto and Mars. Being a Scorpio, they have an energy that plays with their passionate nature. They have an inner power that can help them through any hardships and are fabulous leaders. Other people may sometimes find them quite intimidating, but they have a heightened sense of loyalty and love to find the beauty in the world.


People born on Easter are known to be lucky! They often look to take the path that is different to most and prefer to have the spotlight all to themselves. They are cheery, sensitive and have a motherly nature. They take great pride in making sure they always look presentable and take pleasure in elegance and romance. They are extremely creative, but can be scattered sometimes.

By Pia Louisa

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