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What Your Sleeping Habits Say About You

The way you sleep may be entirely habitual at this point. You may settle in the same position every night since childhood, and now don't think anything of it. In reality, the way you sleep actually says a lot about you. Certain sleeping habits have been linked to better health outcomes, and some can tell you about your personality type. Let's see what your sleeping style says about you!

Side Sleeping

Experts often recommend side sleeping, especially since this position can relieve snoring and improve digestion. It is said that people favour sleeping on their left side, which is great, as it reduces heartburn and promotes blood flow. Side sleeping can be linked to shyness and sensitivity, and is associated with people who stick with their decisions. People who have had higher education also favour this sleeping style.

Stomach Sleeping

Stomach sleeping has benefits, although there are quite a few negatives to this sleep style. Neck and lower back pain can come from sleeping on your stomach, which can cause discomfort throughout your day. On a personality level, those who sleep like this are said to have a sociable nature and a strong dislike of criticism. Extraverted people prefer this position, and so do Generation X and millennials.

Back Sleeping

There are many back sleeping positions (the soldier and the starfish just to name two). If you sleep in the soldier, both arms down by your sides, you are quiet and reserved, and hold people to high standards. Sleeping in the starfish, both arms up by your pillow, means you are selfless and giving, always ready to lend a helping hand. Men are more likely to sleep in this position.

The Fetal Position

Now onto the actual positions, starting with the fetal position, aka the most common sleeping position, especially with women. This is where you lie on your side with your knees bent towards your chest. People who sleep like this are said to be sensitive and introverted. They may take what people say to heart and find it difficult to let go of criticism.

The Log Position

The log position is described as lying on your side with your arms at your sides. If this is your preferred sleeping style, then you are easy-going, social, and trusting. However, those who sleep like a log are said to be quite gullible, and often too forgiving. The log position is a very common sleeping style, but still not at common as the fetal position. Those who sleep like this make friends wherever they go!

The Freefall Position

Our final position is the freefall, where the sleeper is on their stomach with their hands on or around the pillow, with their head turned to the side. Freefall sleepers are extremely social, almost to the point where they can seem quite brash. On the outside they are talkative and sometimes pushy, but on the inside they are actually sensitive and hate confrontation.

You Watch TV Before Bed

Finally, onto a bedtime habit that happens before you get into bed! You'd think that watching a bit of TV every night before you go to sleep is just part of your nightly routine. Wrong. People who rely on watching TV before they go to bed are known to suffer from anxiety. TV distracts you from your thoughts, which helps to go to sleep when anxiety follows you to bed.

By Pia Louisa

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