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What Your Spirit Animal Says About You

Spirit animals are just animals that we feel especially drawn to. They are the ones who have characteristics we see in ourselves. Today they will be split up into 5 categories, so look down at the headings and see which one your spirit animal matches.

Flying Animals

Those who have flying spirit animals (e.g. birds, butterflies) are all about rebirth and renewal. They are wonderful communicators and are great at interacting socially. People with these spirit animals value transformation and hate feeling stuck. They have strong self-confidence, with the ability to live their lives the way they want without worrying about what other people think.

Wild Animals

Those who have wild spirit animals (e.g. bears, tigers) are all about strength and confidence. They are natural leaders who people can rely on. People with these spirit animals are often the jokesters of their friendship group and always have a way to lighten the mood. They have a gentleness about them, which means they can adapt to whoever it is they are dealing with.

Water Animals

Those who have water spirit animals (e.g. dolphins, swans) are all about peace and harmony. They love to cleanse away the old and make room for new ideas to come into their lives. People with these spirit animals have a hidden strength that others may not notice when they first meet them. They want a fairy tale life filled with love and happiness.

Domesticated Animals

Those who have domesticated spirit animals (e.g. cats, dogs) are all about patience and waiting for the right moment. They are extremely loyal and will most likely stay friends with the same people for most of their lives. People with these spirit animals must learn not to be fearful of things they shouldn't be. They are driven people who thrive on creating goals.

Reptilian Animals

Those who have reptilian spirit animals (e.g. snakes, crocodiles) are all about healing and recovery. They are connected to the Earth and are most likely to enjoy spending their time outside. People with these spirit animals have good fortune and are easy to get along with. They are very patient and won't force anything to happen as they prefer to wait for the universe to do its thing!

By Pia Louisa

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