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Which Myers-Briggs Personality Type Are You?

Myers-Briggs is a personality test created by mother and daughter, Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. It is a test you can find online and is scarily accurate. There are 16 different personality types and today we will be looking a little bit about what each of them mean. Take the test here.

Architects (INTJ)

Strength - Informed

Weakness - Too cynical

Architect celebrities - Arnold Schwarzenegger and Samantha Power

Logician (INTP)

Strength - Objective

Weakness - Condescending

Logician characters - Lord Varys and Aemon Targaryen (Game Of Thrones)

Commander (ENTJ)

Strength - They believe in themselves

Weakness - Intolerant

Commander celebrities and characters - Franklin D. Roosevelt and Tony Soprano (The Sopranos)

Debater (ENTP)

Strength - Knowledgeable

Weakness - Lack of concentration

Debater celebrities and characters - Sarah Silverman and Jim Halpert (The Office)

Virtuoso (ISTP)

Strength - Knows what is important

Weakness - Insensitive

Virtuoso celebrities and characters - Clint Eastwood and Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones series)

Adventurer (ISFP)

Strength - Perceptive to people's emotions

Weakness - Quickly gets under pressure

Adventurer celebrities - Britney Spears and Joss Stone

Entrepreneur (ESTP)

Strength - Perceptive

Weakness - Limited perspective

Entrepreneur celebrities and characters - Eddie Murphy and Hank Schrader (Breaking Bad)

Entertainer (ESFP)

Strength - Practical

Weakness - Not good at planning

Entertainer celebrities and characters - Adele and Dandelion (The Witcher series)

Logistician (ISTJ)

Strength - Good at many skills

Weakness - Never strays from the rules

Logistician celebrities - Anthony Hopkins and George Washington

Defender (ISFJ)

Strength - Enthusiastic

Weakness - Care too much

Defender celebrities and characters - Aretha Franklin and Dr Watson (Sherlock Holmes series)

Executive (ESTJ)

Strength - Straight-forward

Weakness - Cares too much about what others think about them

Executive celebrities - Judge Judy and James Monroe

Consul (ESFJ)

Strength - Good at day-to-day tasks

Weakness - Cares too much about their position in life

Consul Celebrities - Jennifer Lopez and Sally Field

Advocate (INFJ)

Strength - Principled

Weakness - Go out of their way not to do day-to-day tasks

Advocate celebrities and characters - Goethe and James Wilson (House M.D.)

Mediator (INFP)

Strength - Creative

Weakness - Private

Mediator celebrities and characters - Johnny Depp and Frodo Baggins (The Lord of the Rings)

Protagonist (ENFJ)

Strength - Charismatic

Weakness - Unrealistic

Protagonist celebrities and characters - Sean Connery and Elizabeth Bennett (Pride and Prejudice)

Campaigner (ENFP)

Strength - Curious

Weakness - Overthinks

Campaigner celebrities - Quentin Tarantino and Will Smith

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