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Why Does Society Expect Certain Things From Us?

When we are born our minds are fresh and untainted by other people's views of what we should be. Then, over time we hear friends, family and the media constantly voice their opinions of how we should live. We question whether we are living the correct way, but is there a correct way to live?


It's funny that for years and years there has been a perfect body type. For women, the 50s showed that we should have a tiny waist with a curvy figure. Jump to the 70s and we should be toned with an athletic body type. Now we find ourselves in a society where we don't actually know what is real and what is fake. Yes, looking like a Kardashian may be what is considered perfect to some but at the end of the day, why waste the years you have on this earth trying to look like someone else when you can look like yourself, because trust me, there is a lid for every pot!

Loving You

You may not have seen many teen dramas but most of the time the main character in it says something along the lines of 'I put other people's lives before my own' about every other episode! When I was young, I remember thinking how noble that is but now... are you serious? Caring and loving people is what everyone in this world should be doing. Get rid of the hate and start lifting each other up, but how can you lift others up if doing that causes you to fall down? If you are constantly putting a friend's life before yours, it's not noble, it's stupid. The only way to truly be there for others is to be there for yourself first.

To Dream Big

Recently, I had a conversation with someone about a friend that wants a simple life of chilling with friends and doing a few hobbies that they love. The person I was talking to was not happy about it, but why? Dreaming big and having goals are two very different things. You may want to be the world's most famous musician or you may want to do the exact same thing you did today tomorrow. As long as you are happy in your life, it doesn't matter if all your goal is for the week is to watch a new TV programme. Society may say it is lazy to not dream big, but what is lazy? If it means being happy day-to-day then yeah, bring on the lazy!

Being Single

For some reason, especially as you get older, being single becomes a way for other people to look down on you. As if because they are in a couple means they are better than you. On the other hand, what if they actually aren't doing that and it is all in our heads? Are we imagining the world shaming us for how we choose to date? If so, then why? Since forever, it seems as if the only way for us to be whole is to be with someone else, but if we were never broken, then how can we suddenly become whole?


Just a number, or just an expectation? In recent years, getting older has become disgraceful (as if some people can choose not to). We see all over the media of celebrities getting so much plastic surgery to look younger, as if every wrinkle is a line of shame. Screw that! Every year we live is another year survived and learnt. Getting older is all in the mindset, you are going to look the way you do, but how you act is entirely up to you. I hear all the time people saying 'she's far too old to be wearing/doing that'. Are you kidding? Do people really think that when I turn a certain age I'm all of a sudden going to start wearing sacks and stay in my house knitting? Getting older is a sure part of life, but being old? Don't think so.

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