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Your Big 3 Planets

When analysing a birth chart, the three signs you look out for are the Sun, Moon, and Rising. Obviously, there are many other planets in your chart that mean interesting things, for example if you want to know about the romance in your life, look at your Venus sign. However, your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs describe different parts of you, and together they paint a very truthful picture of who you are. Here are what these big three signs mean for you.

Sun Sign

Your Sun sign is all about your essence. It shows your life purpose and how you want to be remembered. If your Sun sign is Aries, your purpose in life is to be bold and passionate. Having Taurus as your Sun sign shows that you want to be known for your calm demeanour and chilled style of life. Finally, a Gemini Sun would find their life purpose to be communicating with people and socialising.

Moon Sign

Your Moon sign is all about how you emote. It shows the way your emotions work within you and how you express yourself. Your Moon sign is deeply connected to your subconscious and may bring out traits in you that you didn't know existed. This sign is a mixture of all the emotions, fears, obsessions and longings that are just underneath your Sun sign soul.

Rising Sign

Your Rising sign (also referred to as your Ascendant) is all about the first impressions you give off and how others perceive you when they meet you for the first time. The Rising sign in your chart can often be quite surface level, as it's not who you are deep down, but a persona you put on during the first step in social moments. Your Rising sign captures the part of yourself that comes out before anything else.

By Pia Louisa

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