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Your Life Path Number Tarot Card

Each life path number has a tarot card assigned to it. Today we will be looking at why your specific tarot card has been given to you and how it relates to the personality traits of your life path number.

Life Path Number 1 - The Magician

Having The Magician as their tarot card, life path number 1s are real 'yes' people who see possibilities everywhere and make things happen. They are creative people who don't care what others think about them. A problem this life path number has though is that they often find it difficult to finish what they have started. They also get tired quite easily because they are constantly moving forward and forget to take a break.

Life Path Number 2 - The High Priestess

Having The High Priestess as their tarot card, life path number 2s have psychic abilities and often see or hear things that others can't. They find that they can figure people out very easily and much prefer to be quiet and thoughtful. However, people often view this life path number as a bit of a 'know it all'. Life path number 2s can also find it hard to let others close to them, as they fear getting hurt.

Life Path Number 3 - The Empress

Having The Empress as their tarot card, life path number 3s are loving, nurturing and generous people. They probably have lots of friends and are great at creating things (DIY, cooking, gardening). However, they often find themselves acting rather childish when things don't go their way. They can also be quite materialistic at times and must learn to be present in the moment.

Life Path Number 4 - The Emperor

Having The Emperor as their tarot card, life path number 4s are wonderful leaders who can work well on a team and are great at getting others to follow their methods. They love structure and are very dependable. However, they can often be difficult to work with because they follow the rules so much. They also have a tendency to think that they are always right.

Life Path Number 5 - The Hierophant

Life path number 5s need freedom and change. They are adventurers who get restless very easily and are constantly looking for variety. Number 5s have free spirits and love meeting new people and trying new things. Having The Hierophant as their tarot card shows that they love to learn and relate to the mystical parts of life. They like to get things done and are able to use both their logical and emotional sides to their brain.

Life Path Number 6 - The Lovers

Having The Lovers as their tarot card, life path number 6s never settle for second best and don't waste time on things that aren't working for them. When they're with the right person, they are amazing partners and are incredibly fun to be around. However, they do get easily frustrated when things don't live up to their expectations. They can also be unrealistic at times.

Life Path Number 7 - The Chariot

Having The Chariot as their tarot card, life path number 7s are great leaders who know how to get the best out of people. They know how to play to their own strengths and don't like to procrastinate. However, they often forget to look at the big picture, as they sometimes have a narrow outlook on life. They can also be bossy at times, which not everyone likes!

Life Path Number 8 - Strength

Having Strength as their tarot card, life path number 8s are loving and compassionate people. They understand who they are and live their life showing their emotions, but make sure they don't get overwhelmed by them. However, they sometimes struggle to feel as if their voice is being heard, which it normally is. They can also feel as if people walk all over them.

Life Path Number 9 - The Hermit

Having The Hermit as their tarot card, life path number 9s are thinkers who pay attention to every detail of things they are interested in. They have the potential to be very successful in whatever field they choose and are comfortable with their own company. However, they can often feel detached from society, which can make them feel lonely. They should also remember to enjoy the little things in life.

By Pia Louisa

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