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Yummy Summer Drinks

With the weather heating up, this is the perfect time to embrace summer at its best, and with outdoor meetings the only way to socialise, making these super yummy summery drinks will keep you and your guest refreshed.

A fruity sweet drink loved by many and so easy to make. Iced tea is a comforting but cool drink that is perfect for a chilled day in the garden with a friend. Also, no need to worry about any extra calories, as this is a healthy drink you can enjoy every sip of. With only a few steps in making it, this is the easiest drink sure to be loved by any of your friends.

An obvious classic, there is no better drink to have when barbecuing in the garden and trying to get those holidays feels. Sangria is an easy, fruity, boozy drink that is a staple in many households. This Spanish inspired beverage will get you feeling as if you are already on a holiday and wanting to find the nearest pool you can jump into. Definitely one to drink!

If you think normal lemonade is boring, then this frosty version is just right for you. With only 10 minutes to make, this sweet beverage is half drink and half dessert! Inspired by American fast food restaurant Chick-fil-A, this yummy drink only has 2 steps to go through until you are sipping on a frosted delight. All you need is your fresh lemonade and a blender.

Margaritas are summery enough, but add in the watermelon and you've got yourself a double summer drink! With only 3 ingredients, this couldn't be more simple. It's basically just blended up watermelon (with an added bit of tequila). A little tip, by freezing the watermelon a day before serving, you get everything you wanted and more. These will definitely give you those beach vibes.

My personal favourite holiday cocktail, and with only 1 step. Just add all of your ingredients to a blender and voila, your iconic holiday cocktail is ready. Even though pina coladas get a bad reputation for being the go to drink for anyone on a get-away, there's a reason people love it. Just maybe refrain yourself from singing the pina colada song and getting on everyone's nerves!

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