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Zodiac Spotlight - Aquarius

Intellectual, curious, and unique, today's spotlight is all about the eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius! There is no 'one-size-fits-all' Aquarian, as they are all special in their own way. We have many Aquarius facts to get through, so let's get straight into exploring this fascinating air sign.

Personality Traits

Aquarians are known for being the most progressive sign of the zodiac, always coming up with fresh ideas that can help humankind in the future. They are extremely independent people who feel trapped very easily when they are forced to spend too much time with others. Aquarians are unique in their way of thinking and acting, as many people don't quite understand where they are coming from.

The Water Bearer

Even though they have water in their symbol, Aquarius is in fact an air sign. It has been suggested that the reason why Aquarius is represented by the water bearer is because the rising of Aquarius coincided in the Middle East with a period of rain and floods. Next time you think that Aquarius is a water sign, remember that their symbol isn't water, it is the man carrying the water.


There are many Aquarius celebrities, each with traits to show that they are ruled by the water bearer. Jennifer Aniston, Harry Styles, and Elizabeth Olsen are all famous Aquarians. Aquarians are charismatic, likeable, and funny. They are incredibly socially aware and remain very polite and warm. Although they have their moments, Aquarians

are sweet people who are very kind to their loved ones.

In a Relationship

Aquarians are mainly attracted to wit and intelligence. They only want to spend their time with people who have interesting things to say. Aquarians often find it difficult to open up to the people they are dating and will keep everyone guessing when it comes to their romantic life. Date nights that allow them to showcase their intellectual skills are best for Aquarians.

Lucky Charms

The number one crystal for Aquarians to use is Amethyst! Aquarians love things that are out of the ordinary, but still have a classical side to them, and this is how their lucky charms are chosen. They should look out for birds, triangles, pendants, and anything cupid related. Unique and eccentric items are perfect for an Aquarius, including dragonflies and ladybirds.

By Pia Louisa

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