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Zodiac Spotlight - Leo

Today's spotlight is on the fifth sign of the zodiac...Leo! Leos are all about drama and keeping the attention on them. They love to perform, talk, and be admired by their many fans. Leos are big on respect and won't let anyone walk all over them. Let's find out more about this passionate fire sign.


Leos are known to be full of energy and ready to get the party started! They are incredibly loyal and will never betray their loved ones. Leos are incredibly honest (sometimes seen as blunt) and will let you know if something isn't right. They have an unmatched enthusiasm for life and want a deep, devoted love. Leos are great at focussing their attention on specific tasks and will bring passion to whatever they do.

The Lion

Leos are famously symbolised by the lion, which is all because of Greek mythology. The representation of the lion comes from the Nemean lion killed by Heracles. The Nemean lion could not be killed by normal weapons, as it had golden fur that was impervious to attack. Its claws were sharper than swords and it could destroy any armour. This lion speaks to Leos strong personality and ability to fight their way to the top.


There are obviously many celebrity Leos, and you can clearly tell which zodiac sign they belong to! Jennifer Lopez (Affleck?), Helen Mirren, and Daniel Radcliffe are just a few celebs ruled by the lion. Leos are known to be very sweet, kind, and giving, however, they aren't afraid to be divas every now and then. They are incredibly noble and usually have passions connected to the arts.

In a Relationship

Leos are very ambitious and like to know they have the power in a relationship. When finding a partner, they look for someone who will encourage and support their dreams and won't hold them back. Leos are known to be quite aggressive when going after their goals, so they need someone who will let them do their thing without judgement. If you're in a relationship with a Leo, learn to give them some space!

Lucky Charms

Leos are all about crystals! They are naturally charming, attractive, and vibrant people, so find that they want to build on their good traits, rather than work on their negative ones. Leos need lucky charms that will help them overcome obstacles, bring balance to their lives, and push them to shine even brighter. They want an eye-catching crystal like Citrine, and charms such as the evil eye and horseshoes to attract luck.

By Pia Louisa

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