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Zodiac Spotlight - Libra

Today's spotlight is all about the seventh sign of the zodiac...Libra! There are so many wonderful facts about this harmonious air sign, including their symbol (the scales), which happens to be the only inanimate object of the zodiac. Let's find out more about the balanced Libra.


Libras are a fascinating sign, as they have two sides to their personality. On the one hand, they are extroverted people who love to socialise, and on the other, they love a cosy evening in watching a movie on the sofa! Libras are known to be incredibly friendly

and are often concerned with maintaining balance in their lives. They have great charm and intelligence which serves them well in life.

The Scales

Libras are symbolised by the scales (although some see their glyph as a setting sun). The reason why they have the scales as their symbol is unlike any other zodiac sign. While most sign's symbols come from mythology, Libra's symbol comes from the location of their constellation in the sky. Libra season contains the Autumn Equinox, the time of year when the days and nights are equal, therefore, the scales represent this occasion.


There are obviously many celebrity Libras, each with air sign traits to show that they are ruled by the scales. Anthony Mackie, Will Smith, and Catherine Zeta-Jones are all famous Libras! Libras are known for their great humour and ability to turn an awkward situation into a funny story. They want to make people happy and are genuine joys to be around. Libras live in their own world of peace and harmony.

In a Relationship

Libras have a reputation for falling in love easily, although take their time when it comes to mastering commitment. While Libras may sometimes seem distant during the early stages of a relationship, once they become comfortable they are loving, romantic, and affectionate. As their ruling planet is Venus, you can't be surprised by the fact that Libras are happier when in a partnership.

Lucky Charms

Libras are known to have anything triangle shaped as their lucky charms. Triangles are said to represent life, death, and our connection to the universe. This fits in perfectly with Libra, as it is all about balance and stability, something that Libras are constantly striving for. Libras also need charms that represent elegance and attractiveness, which is why birds and amethyst are also lucky for them.

By Pia Louisa

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