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Star Sign's Bad Habits

Each zodiac sign has a distinct ruling planet and a unique combination of elements. All of these factors together create each star sign's habits. Today we focus on the bad!

Aries - Worrying

Aries are a strong sign and they try to not let anything get to them. However, when something is on their mind, they are the ultimate worriers! When an Aries is worried or frustrated, their whole existence feels like an uphill battle. Aries need to remember to see the bigger picture, instead of thinking every little problem is going to ruin them. Once they have solved their worries, they become much happier, outgoing people.

Taurus - Says 'No' To Plans Quickly

Taurus have the bad habit of saying no without even hearing the full plan. They certainly don't do it to annoy anyone, but it can be tough when you have been looking forward to seeing them. Taurus love their own company and often think seeing others is boring. However, in saying no so quickly, they miss out on fun experiences with friends. Sometimes all a Taurus needs to do is wait to hear the whole question before saying no!

Gemini - Gossiping

Geminis love an interesting story, they are the best storytellers of the zodiac! However, all of these story exchanges between them and friends often leads to a lot of gossiping. Gossiping can be fun, but Geminis are terrified that the people they have been talking about may hear what they have been saying. Geminis need to remember to keep their natural storytelling gifts, but rein in the gossiping.

Cancer - Watching Too Much TV

Cancerians are quite likely to have some sort of Netflix addiction! The perfect night for a Cancerian is staying at home, being cosy and watching TV. This habit isn't that bad, but sometimes Cancerians need to remember to find other projects outside of the home that don't involve watching TV. Try out an art club or a yoga class to give your eyes some rest from screens.

Leo - Being Scared Of Change

Leos hold onto the past as much as they can when they fear a change is coming. Change can be scary, but Leos take it to another level. This fear of change can lead to a feeling of being stuck for Leos, which can then cause troubles if they are too scared to end a toxic relationship/friendship or leave an unpleasant job. Leos must remember that change is natural and will often lead to better things.

Virgo - Gives Advice When No One Asked

Ah, Virgo, we know you mean well! When talking to a friend, this sign will often give out advice, even when the other person hasn't asked for it. Virgos don't mean to offend anyone and think they are helping out by doing this, but as a sign that seems quite critical on the outside, the advice they give can sometimes be taken the wrong way. Virgos need to think carefully about how and when they give out advice.

Libra - Indecisive

Libras are naturally peaceful, but this can sometimes mean they find it difficult making decisions. Libras love keeping everyone happy, so most of the time go along with what everyone else wants. This means that when it comes to making decisions of their own, they often don't know what to do and leave the people they are with feeling slightly awkward!

Scorpio - Takes Their Anger Out On The Wrong People

Scorpios are very emotional people and this means that when they get angry, they get very angry! This can often lead to a confrontation with the wrong people at the wrong times. Scorpios need to figure out why they are angry and who they are angry at. They next should weigh up the pros and cons about confronting this person and question whether it is worth the drama.

Sagittarius - Being Too Truthful

Telling the truth is a good thing, however being too truthful can often lead to Sagittarius hurting other people's feelings. They have the best intentions and never want to hurt anyone, but when they tell someone that their food doesn't taste good, or that they look terrible in that dress, it can come across as harsh! Sagittarius should remember that people have feelings and if they are not careful, they may offend someone.

Capricorn - Being In Their Own Heads

Capricorns are great at solving problems, however this leads to them getting lost in their thoughts and forgetting the outside world. When a Capricorn has a problem, they find it difficult to rest until that problem is solved. Capricorns must remember that they can't solve everything and sometimes it's best for things to work out naturally. Enjoy every moment and don't get too lost in your thoughts.

Aquarius - Too Self-Sufficient

Aquarius create their lives in a way that means they will never need anyone else. For them, this is wonderful, but the people around them find it difficult to be close because there isn't a place for them. Aquarius fear that being close to someone will make them less independent, but they must remember that they don't have to be in control all the time and their relationships will thank them for it!

Pisces - Daydreaming

Daydreaming is certainly not a bad thing, however, there is a time and a place for it. Pisces have a wonderful imagination, filled with beauty and magic, but sometimes they can get lost in it and forget the mundane tasks they have to complete for the day. What a Pisces needs to do is get all of their boring chores done at once and use the rest of their time imagining anything they can come up with!

By Pia Louisa

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