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"Welcoming, supportive and reassuring atmosphere where we can delve into any aspect, and as much as I want, and until I felt happy to move on; also including being able to go back to anything if I want to- this really made a difference to how I felt in the reading and really making me feel the reading was there to help me. The passion, excitement and happiness that Pia brings to the reading. How much guidance is given in the reading. Pia's intuition and attunment is magical, and there is no ego present, enabling for such an open hearted reading! Perfect! It positively effects my life. I feel positive and energised to move forward with renewed strength and positivity, feeling I have the support of the divine. It's wonderful and so uplifting. I approach situations in my life with a positive and more grounded stance and more coming from self. I'm so thankful, for that and for Pia! ❤️"

"The reading provides such great insight and also validation, it helps me moving forward as it provides me with a little extra directional pointer. No matter how small, they really help, if not to make decisions, but to confirm the decision I have already made. Overall highly highly recommend!"


"A professional, compassionate approach, able to ask any questions without judgement. I feel it has given me hope, and that I will find where my get up and go went and find me again."


"Felt at ease with my reader, light-hearted but profound, it really lifted my soul. I feel more determined than ever."

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