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Star Signs as Movie Characters

Last week was TV characters, now we've moved on to movies! One of the best things about zodiac signs is how unbelievably different they all are. Each of them have the most perfect characters they could be, so let's get straight into in and see which film characters they are most like.

Aries - Wonder Woman and Fred and George Weasley

All of these characters sum up Aries very well! One strong and fierce and the others totally hilarious. Just like Wonder Woman, Aries look out for everyone and just like Fred and George, Aries love to goof around, but are incredibly ambitious. It doesn't matter what anyone says to them, Aries won't let it get them down. The love that all of these characters carry in their hearts makes them obvious Aries.

Taurus - Alice ('Alice in Wonderland') and Batman

Taurus have very strong characteristics, just like these two characters. Batman stands up for what is right, even when it seems everyone is against him. This is just like Taurus, as they are a very loyal sign. Alice is an obvious Taurus! She doesn't agree with structured rules and is very impulsive. With the loyalty and wonderful imagination these two characters have, it's no wonder they are Taurus personalities.

Gemini - Harley Quinn and Edward Cullen

There are many sides to Harley Quinn and seeing her trying to decide between doing right or wrong makes her the perfect Gemini. Edward is a great example of a Gemini, because he is mysterious and falls in love very easily! He is romantic and gentle, but can also be cold and uncaring. The thing that both of these characters share, is that they have many different sides to them, which is typical of Gemini.

Cancer - Bridget Jones and Mark ('Love, Actually')

Just like Bridget, Cancerians are known for falling for the wrong person! She is a characters that needs to feel loved in order to feel as if she belongs in the world, which is something Cancerians can relate to. Mark obviously has the worst timing when it comes to love and this is the perfect example of a Cancerian going a little bit too far. One thing these characters have in common is they both wear their heart on their sleeve.

Leo - Danny Zuko and Ginny Weasley

Danny is a typical Leo, as he's used to getting what he wants! He sometimes comes off a bit selfish, but in reality he loves very deeply. The fact that his friends are loyal to him shows what a great leader he is. Ginny is a different version of a Leo. Nothing scares her and she's not afraid to ask for the attention she deserves, which is definitely Leo behaviour.

Virgo - Bella Swan and Peter Parker

Bella is an obvious Virgo, as she is great at remaining practical, even when everything is going crazy around her! Peter shows Virgo behaviour as he often gets into trouble by aiming too high. He doesn't like violence and prefers to stay on the light-hearted side of things.

Libra - Iris ('The Holiday') and Sam ('New Years Eve')

Sam is a character that doesn't give up in the name of love, which is a very common Libra trait. Iris is one of the most iconic Libras ever! She wants a perfect romance, but always focuses on the wrong guy. Both of these characters are hopeless romantics who end up with the right person when they least expect it (and sometimes when they do expect it).

Scorpio - Black Widow and James Bond

Black Widow may not be very emotional, but she is the one that holds the entire team together. She may sometimes seem a bit full of herself, but she is confident and easily stands out. James Bond has obvious Scorpio characteristics. He is a mix between a lover and a fighter, which sums up Scorpio perfectly. He only makes friends with the best of people and has high expectations for himself.

Sagittarius - Polly Prince ('Along Came Polly') and Iron Man

Just like Polly, Sagittarius isn't afraid to try new things until they find where they belong. She has a passion for being herself and having fun. Iron Man is a great example of a Sagittarius! He is hilarious, but works hard to earn the title of 'Hero'. Sagittarius really are a mix between these two characters, as they are different than everyone around them, but still care about doing the right thing.

Capricorn - Bucky Barnes and Beca ('Pitch Perfect')

Bucky really is a loveable character and his strengths and weaknesses are typical of a Capricorn. Beca is an inspiration to others, even if she doesn't know it. She has no time for nonsense and knows what she wants out of her life. Both these characters seem quite intimidating on the outside, but once you get to know them, they are fun and hilarious!

Aquarius - Arthur Weasley and Luna Lovegood

Double Harry Potter! Arthur is eccentric, curious and courageous and a wonderful partner, just like Aquarius. Luna may be seen as bizarre by some people, but she stands by her beliefs which makes her a typical Aquarius. Both of these characters are mocked by people that don't understand them, but always rise up to the top. Aquarius are quirky and fun, which is why the people that understand them love them so much.

Pisces - Sandy Olsson ('Grease') and The Lion ('The Wizard of Oz')

Sandy is the sweetest, just like any Pisces! She wants everyone to get along, sing and dance together and then eventually drive off into the sunset. The Cowardly Lion embodies Pisces, not because he is seen as scared, but because he symbolises the inner child. He wants to be brave, but must learn that bravery comes from within, not from what other people think.

By Pia Louisa

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