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Star Signs As Partners

We've explored which zodiac signs are best suited for one another, but what is your star sign like when in a relationship? Here are the zodiac signs as boyfriends and girlfriends.


As a girlfriend, Aries women are bold! They do not like to be put into a box and have lots of self-confidence. They like to be accepted for exactly who they are and will rebel if they think anyone is trying to change them. An Aries boyfriend is very loyal and will do whatever it takes to keep their partner happy. They are the types to confess their undying love for you many times.


A Taurus girlfriend is loyal and dependable. They are down-to-earth and will take their time when choosing a partner they think suits them. They are practical when it comes to relationships and wants to be committed to someone forever. As boyfriends, Taurus men are sensitive and reliable. A relationship with a Taurus man brings lots of love and care into your life.


A relationship with a Gemini woman is never boring! Gemini girlfriends want to get out there and try everything. They can be quite unpredictable in relationships, as they are shy one minute and bold the next. A Gemini boyfriend is very romantic and flirtatious. They always want to make their partner feel good and aren't afraid to bring on the PDA. Gemini men will always show you how much they care.


Cancerian girlfriends really are charming. They are the perfect people to bring home to meet the parents or take out to meet your friends. Cancerian women are warm and kind to whoever they meet. As boyfriends, Cancerian men often overthink, but are very nurturing and committed to their loved ones. They are protective and would do anything to make you feel safe with them.


Leo girlfriends want a meaningful and passionate relationship with someone who will push them out of their comfort zone. They don't need to be the centre of attention all the time, but want someone to encourage them to get out into the world. Leo boyfriends are hopeless romantics! They love showing their partner off and will never forget to buy them flowers.


A Virgo girlfriend is no joke! They are critical and perfectionists, but when you have them on your side, they will go out of their way to show their love. A Virgo girlfriend will call you out on any bad behaviours and will then help you make better decisions. Virgo boyfriends are sensitive and want to settle down with their loved one. They are affectionate and loyal and take their time choosing their perfect partner.


Libra women love being in a couple. As a girlfriend, she doesn't want to cause any drama and will put in the effort to make a relationship succeed. A Libra girlfriend is always fair and will never judge. Libra boyfriends make great choices when they're in love. They want to be with their partner all the time and find being in a couple very natural.


A Scorpio girlfriend can be quiet, but she longs for an adventurous partner that she knows will satisfy her. A Scorpio women knows she deserves the best and isn't afraid to show her vengeful side! Scorpio boyfriends always put their partner first. They are very protective and will defend their loved ones fiercely. A Scorpio man will stand by your side through thick and thin.


Sagittarius women love good company. To keep their attention, they love to do fun activities, such as dancing. They can go out all night and still have energy to keep going. Spending time with a Sagittarius girlfriend is never boring! Sagittarius boyfriends love to listen and will give advice on anything. He can sometimes be a bit clingy, but will always try and make his partner happy, especially after they've had a long day.


A Capricorn girlfriend is sensual and seductive. However, she gives herself a hard time, as one day she will be feeling amazing, then the next she will feel unworthy of the love that she deserves. A Capricorn boyfriend is loyal and loving. He doesn't open up very easily, but if you manage to get the emotions out of him, you won't be able to shut him up!


An Aquarius girlfriend cannot be pinned down! She finds it difficult committing to an intimate relationship as she is always on the go. She will not accept being controlled by anyone and needs her independence. An Aquarius boyfriend is intellectual, thoughtful and full of charisma. He is a great communicator and is totally unforgettable. Being with an Aquarius man means having a best friend for life.


Pisces girlfriends are very sensitive. They are highly empathic and can't stand to see their partner upset. Pisces girlfriends aren't selfish and want their partner to be just as happy as they are. Pisces boyfriends have a kind soul and will always follow their heart. They can be quite vulnerable at times, but their heart always lead them in the right direction.

By Pia Louisa

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